Jacob Reads

Jacob has been showing a huge interest in learning how to read recently.  Yesterday we checked the first set of Bob Books out of our library and after working with him for about 20 minutes, he was doing this 

Lilian Sings

Looks like Lilian is taking a page out of her big brother’s book!

Birthday Wishes


I asked Lilian recently while I was putting her down for her nap if there was anything she would like for her birthday.  She replied yes, and then proceeded to list: cake, a bicycle/motorcycle, a car and birthday cake.

Christmas in Texas

We flew to Dallas on December 23rd.  We had originally planned to stay in Dallas overnight but sadly, our hosts had come down with the flu so we grabbed dinner and continued on to Austin.  We wound up staying in Austin the entire trip and only returning to Dallas to catch our flight out on the 28th due to a little stomach virus that Keith and Jacob caught.  Nothing says Christmas like a stomach virus!

Despite our change in plans we had a wonderful visit and enjoyed spending time with the rest of the family, though we missed the Hornes.

On Christmas day we headed over to Great Grandma Brunone’s (GGB) place and caroled for her and all of her neighbors.  This may have been my favorite part of the trip, seeing the joy on all of the residents faces, not to mention all of their caretakers that were spending Christmas working instead of with their families.

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Luke 2

This was a bit long so we made it into a two-parter.  It was really helpful for him when we opened our advent calendar every night (and any time we discussed about the Christmas story) to go back and reference the part of the reading where each character came in.  He also loved hearing “his verses” recited by Linus in Charlie Brown’s Christmas and when they were read at Mass.

Our Little Guitarist

Merry Christmas!

Only a week and a half late…that’s not so bad!

We celebrated our family Christmas in Connecticut on the Sunday before we left for Texas and I didn’t get too many pictures because we were having so much fun!

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Christmas Cuties

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O Christmas Tree

As per our yearly tradition, we set out to find and chop down our tree last Saturday.  We went to the same farm we have visited the past couple of years, and had fun despite the freezing temperatures!

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Saint Nicholas Day

“Shoes!” That’s the first word Lilian says when we get her up in the morning, although I think yesterday it was because she wanted to see what was going on with the pair she left outside her door the night before, since it was not immediately followed by “bow!” As it usually is!

Jacob just jumped out of bed and ran into the hall to look!