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The History of Us

It all began one fateful day in April of 2006.  I was in Dallas for a weekend of househunting and was invited to go out for a drink with a friend of mine from business school who happened to be in Dallas visiting friends of his own that same weekend.  Sandra was playing chauffeur for her friends that night and picked me up at the hotel.  With barely a glance to the back seat towards me, Sandra quickly introduced herself.  That night, I played hard to get, giving Sandra one-word answers to many of her questions. 

The next night, Sandra and her friends were hosting a birthday party and invited me to join in the festivities.  After spending some time at a house party, everyone made their way out for drinks and dancing.  With all of her friends on the dance floor, Sandra elected to stay back at the bar and talk with me.  All.  Night.  Long.  [Editors note:  When a girl ignores her friends all night, that’s a good sign she likes you.] 

Unfortunately, I had to return to Virginia to finish up graduate school…meaning the romance had to wait.  In July, I flew back out to Dallas for a week to close on my condo and move in.  It was then that Sandra and I went out on our first date.  It was a romantic night filled with great conversation, delicious wine, and…pizza?  Yup, we went to a pizza place for our first date.  For the nightcap, Sandra took me to a wine bar, where – after much indecision – she picked out a fine bottle of Liberty School Cabernet.  It’s a good thing I liked Sandra so much, because that stuff was horrible.

After a great week in Dallas, I had to return to Virginia one more time, but this time, the romance continued.  E-mails and phone calls were a daily occurence, and the courtship was in full swing.  In September, I moved to Dallas for good and Sandra and I were practically inseparable. 

Just a year and two months later – in November of 2007 – I asked Sandra to marry me. 

And on September 27, 2008, Sandra made me the happiest man in the world. 

Now we have a new house, we have a baby on the way, so we figured we’d give this blog thing a try.  You’re invited to come along for the ride…

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