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Sorry for the long post draught.  We spent last weekend in Connecticut looking at house after house after house (repeat that 37 more times), in an attempt to find our new home.  That’s right.  For those of you who do not already know we are leaving lovely, scenic Dallas and moving to Hartford, CT.  Technically Avon, CT.  Thankfully, our 39 home search was successful and we found a beautiful home on an acre of land so Bailey and all of her humans have plenty of space to roam.  Since our return I have been busy staying out of the house for random inspections and appraisals and have spent my few daily minutes of internet time on Pinterest looking for decorating inspiration for our new home.  

This is the best picture I could take on my phone since there is a wooded area between the road and the house.  When I backed up a little further, I got this

So yeah…the first picture was better, right? 

While Keith and I were searching for our new home, Jacob was spending quality time with his Grammy and Pepere.  I don’t know who was happier about that arrangement but I am told all three of them had a marvelous time playing and taking walks. 

Thanks Grammy and Pepere for taking such good care of Jacob so Keith and I could enjoy a two-day date…er…look at endless houses! 🙂


While we were in Connecticut, we spent some time trying to familiarize ourselves with the area.  In addition to eating at some local restaurants and visiting the church that is just around the corner from our new house, we took a couple of walks on the Farmington River Trail (part of a 26 mile series of running/biking trails that were created where the old railroad lines used to run through town).

Smart little guy likes to stay hydrated while exercising.

Jacob walked about a mile both days we visited the trail and wasn’t tired afterward.  I am starting to think that taking your kiddo on walks to tire him out actually backfires and only helps  improve his stamina.   

See, he had enough energy to do squats afterward 🙂

I had to include this shot because it absolutely cracks me up.  Jacob was fascinated the mirrored closet doors in our hotel room and spent a fair amount of time staring into them and kissing his reflection (looks like we need to have a chat about vanity).  I snapped this on my phone right after he asked me to put his shades on him.  I cannot wait to bust this picture out when we meet future girlfriends.  Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes he is wearing crocs over his pajamas. Hotel rooms are dirty! 

Jacob and I flew home on Monday.  Here he is in the airport after walking the terminal for an hour (another failed attempt to tire him out). 

Keith and the video camera will be flying home today so stay tuned…

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…oh wait.  That may be a different story.  This post is about my sweet little boy.  He has many toys that friends and family have lovingly gifted him, yet he prefers to play with oven mitts.  And tupperware.  And colanders.  But today we are talking about oven mitts.  Two mismatched, burned, ugly old oven mitts.

Sometimes he escapes while I am changing him and runs to the drawer where we keep the mitts.  He pulls them out and holds them out to me and says “humuuhh”?  Many times that is accompanied by his please sign as if to say, “please put the mitts on me, Mommy”. 

Could he be any cuter?

Sometimes he gets one on his arm, goes to put the second mitt on the other arm and the first falls off.  Usually that makes him giggle.  Silly boy. 

Here he is halfway through his version of the “Mittcarena”.

A boy and his oven mitts.  What could be sweeter?

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Sunday marked the seventh straight day of triple digit temps here in Dallas.  When it’s that hot you can’t spend much time outside unless you have a swimming pool at your disposal, so after Jacob’s afternoon nap we were all feeling pretty cooped up.  We decided to put on our swim suits and head outside.  I think Jacob enjoyed himself 🙂

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If You’re Happy…

and you know it:

(please excuse my voice)


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This one is made of yogurt.

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Then and Now

I took a picture of Jacob on our walk yesterday morning:

and immediately thought of the picture I took of him the first time I took him for a walk in his jogging stroller, when he was 3 weeks old:

Hard to believe that’s the same little guy, huh?



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On Saturday we had the priveledge of attending Jacob’s friend, Lauren‘s first birthday party.  I am sad to say we barely took any pictures of all of Liz’s handiwork, but she did a great job decorating.  The theme was Minnie Mouse and all of the kids were given their own mouse ears when they arrived.

Cute little mouse, huh? 

Much to our surprise, Jacob kept his on for quite a while, although he wasn’t necessarily happy about it.

This is the best picture we snapped of Jacob with the birthday girl:

Happy Birthday, Miss Lauren!  We are so glad we were able to help celebrate your big day!


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Jacob wanted nothing to do with hats…until recently when he saw Keith wearing one.  Ever since, anytime he sees a baseball cap he will walk up to one of us, hand it to us and say “uhhhuh” while nodding.  Sometimes he says “gng gong” instead.  Also while nodding.  For those of you who don’t speak Jacob, this means “please put my hat on me”.  After you put it on his head, he will nod and smile at you, as if to say “good job”.  He then almost immediately takes it off, hands it back to you and the process repeats. 

He did it this morning while I was getting ready to go to the gym and I had to stop and snap a picture.  Doesn’t he look like his daddy?

This is Jacob wearing the same hat when he was 5 weeks old, the day the Longs sent it to him.  I think it fits him a little better these days 🙂

Thanks Jay and Melissa!

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The Froggy and The Shark

Jacob and his friend Luke chilling in the pool. Thanks Bergins for having us over!

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We started signing with Jacob at 6 months when we started him on table foods.  I had read that signing can help non verbal children feel less frustrated when communicating with their parents.  I also figured it was a good way to start teaching him manners.  We started with only a handful of signs: “more”, “milk”, “all finished”, “please” and “thank you”.  He picked up milk and more fairly quickly, and then we set to work on please and thank you.  When I really worked with him, he  picked it up pretty easily and has been signing those three regularly for a several months now. 

Thank you was harder.  I taught him please by not handing him whatever he wanted until he made the sign.  Eventually he figured out that if he wanted his milk, or a toy, or help with something, he could sign please and point at the item and Mom or Dad would help.   

Thank you was another story.  I signed it pretty consistently but he never seemed to pick it up.  He would smile and nod when I signed, but he never picked it up himself.  I had all but given up when someone (I honestly cannot remember who it was, but would love to give that brilliant person a shout out on the blog if they are reading!) suggested not letting go of the requested item until he signed “thank you”.  This morning I finally decided to try it…and it worked!  He picked it up after about 5 spoonfuls of oatmeal and continued to sign it when prompted, even after I let go of the item. 

I am so proud of this little guy (and thankful to whomever gave me the idea!).

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