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Sit and Spin!

Jacob’s cousin Josiah outgrew his Sit and Spin and was kind enough to hand it down so his youngest cousin could enjoy it.  I think it’s safe to say that our little guy has been having a blast playing with it! 

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Jacob has completed his Christmas wish list and the only item on his list is moving boxes in various shapes 🙂

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Now I Remember…

why we stopped having Jacob deliver our birthday greetings…

Not quite…maybe I should stand up?

Hmmmmm…no, I don’t think that is it either.

This thing is floppy! What Mom?  I am supposed to hold up the sign AND look at the camera?  You know I am only 15 months old, right?

Yes, that is truly the best we could do. 

Happy Birthday Mary, one of our most faithful readers and commenters 🙂 We hope you have a wonderful day and cannot wait to see you in three weeks!



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And all I have done with them so far is to perch my baby on top of the pile and take pictures. That is what they are for, right?

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A view into the Nedell household this week…


Relaxing after a long tiring weekend


Passed out in a most uncomfortable-looking position on our walk


Helping me fold laundry…


Looking out the window first thing in the morning


Eating a banana like a big boy (sort of)


Mopping makes me thirsty!


…caption contest anyone?


Why do we buy this child toys?


New playroom?

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It has become somewhat of a tradition for the Texas Brunone clan to hop in our cars and head south to Austin for the 4th of July holiday.  This year was no different and was extra special since it was The Dallas Nedells’ last holiday before the big move (and because Jacob slept through the night the whole time we were there!).  Nana and Grandpa were our fantastic hosts and served us lots of yummy food during our stay.

Due to the draught they are experiencing in South Texas, there was a fireworks ban this year but we still managed to have a great time despite that little snafu. 

There was lots of pool time

and floaties

We celebrated a very special 9 year old’s birthday

Jacob ate his first catfish (and loved it!)

Nana and Jonathan made ice cream

Andrew showed off his fry skillz

We took lots of pictures of cute kids in hammocks

What…you don’t think I should refer to myself as a cute kid?  Ok fine.

and most importantly, Jacob (and Keith and I) were able to soak in lots of good time with our Texas family that we will not be seeing again until Christmas.

When we got back to Dallas we capped the holiday off with an all-American meal at Mi Cocina, our local tex-mex restaurant 🙂 

Jacob kicked back and relaxed a bit

after which he proclaimed that we should do it all again next year!

Peter Katie and Company…we missed you guys! 


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My favorite part of our house hunting trip is captured in this video. I am pretty sure this is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Can’t wait to capture more moments between Jacob and his cousin Ayla and their grandparents once we move.

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