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Biker Boy!

Jacob has a new favorite piece of playground equipment – it’s this motorcycle.  Actually, I have a feeling that it could be anything – a horse, a car, maybe a shoe? – as long as he could climb onto it and rock back and forth like crazy.

That’s right, I said climb.  He climbed up there.  All. By.  Himself.  I would have taken a video to document the accomplishment but I was too busy experiencing heart palpitations.

“Look Mom, one hand!”

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You Like My Bear Feet?

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See You Later, Alligator!

Jacob is headed to the very exclusive Grammy and Pepere’s Lake House Resort this weekend to allow Mom and Dad a much needed weekend away (our first ever!).   Have a great weekend and we will be back to posting early next week!

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Apple Picking!

After church on Sunday morning we decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall-like weather we have been experiencing and go pick some apples.  We landed at Roger’s Orchards after fueling up with a quick lunch and Jacob was ready to go.

Our little apple picker even insisted on carrying the bag.

We had to walk awhile to find some trees that weren’t picked over.

We finally found a section of trees with some apples we could reach and got down to business.

Apple picking wasn’t quite as easy as blackberry picking for Jacob.  Since apples are much larger, his little hands had a harder time separating the apple stems from the trees.  Our little guy was pretty determined though, and after some hard work, his efforts were rewarded.

And BOY was he proud of himself!

Similar to blackberry picking, once he managed to procure a couple of apples he got right down to the business of eating them.

And so it went…

The one drawback to all that apple collecting is that the bag became too heavy for him to lift.  Thankfully we have a little problem solver on our hands.  What was his solution, you ask?

He decided to eat his way to a lighter bag.  Makes sense, don’t you think 🙂

Despite his attempts to consume our harvest, we made it home with over thirteen pounds of apples and some wonderful memories.  In addition to eating them plain and with peanut butter we have used them to make apple crisp, applesauce, and apple oat breakfast muffins.  Somehow we still have a few pounds left…

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In the Words of Jacob…

“Uh oh!”

Someone has figured out how to undress himself and I think Mom and Dad may have a little nudist on their hands!

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Little Painter

I have been testing out paint samples for various rooms in the house since the week we moved in.  On Thursday, Jacob decided he wanted to help out with the painting process so he commandeered my paint brush and got to work…


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Performing on Command

Jacob loves to sing.  I suppose he comes by it honestly.  It can be pretty entertaining and apparently other people agree with me.  Earlier this week we were walking through Target and he was signing “Twinkle Twinkle” (his current favorite) at a fairly high volume. Next thing I know, another shopper walks over and starts singing with him.  It was like the beginning of Jacob’s own flash mob.  No, I am not making this up.

While he loves to sing, I have had a bit of trouble catching his chortling on video.  Usually it goes something like this: Jacob is singing loudly and with feeling.  Mom pulls out the camera and hits the red button.  Jacob immediately freezes up.  Kind of like this…

This morning I was able to catch a little break – perhaps it was the cooler weather that inspired him to continue, even with the camera running? Regardless of the reason, it is with great pride I present you this masterpiece.  He still froze up a little at the beginning, but I think the big finish makes up for it.  I hope you enjoy!

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Monkey See, Monkey Do?

Every time Jacob has had a chance to interact with other kids recently, something has been incredibly obvious.  When all the other boys are running for the trains, trucks and other “manly” toys, Jacob heads for the kitchen.  He loves to play with utencils, pretend food and pots and pans.  When I try to steer him toward a train table, he loses interest quickly and heads back to his refrigerator and oven.

He spends time “shopping” for his groceries.

Picking each item out very carefully.  Only quality ingredients will do!

Then he heads to the kitchen to whip up his next masterpiece.

Note the pretty purple tea cups 🙂

And for those of you wondering, yes he was playing with those dolls in the foreground of the above picture before he abandoned them to get back to cooking.

The only thing I can deduct from this little observation is that Jacob’s mom spends entirely too much time in the kitchen.  I suppose there are worse habits he will pick up from me…

He sure is a cute little chef!

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Some Big Shoes to Fill

I think he may have a hard time trying to run in these.

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A New Game

Jacob just randomly started playing peek-a-boo at breakfast this morning so I thought we should share with all of his fans.


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