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Mr Dinosaur

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A local shopping center had a Trick or Treating event/canned food drive on Monday night so Keith came home from work early and we took our little dinosaur out for a trial run.  Jacob was very serious about the whole thing – who wouldn’t be serious when there is candy involved, right?  He even signed “thank you” about 89% of the times he received candy.  I think we are ready for next Monday (as long as it doesn’t snow)!


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For Tricia

A certain sister of mine has been begging me to share pictures of some of our house progress. This entry was written with her in mind.  For those of you who come here to catch a glimpse of my adorable 18 month old and learn what household chore he is enjoying most this week, stay tuned.  Those posts will return shortly and there may be a little something for you at the end of all of this house talk.

When we decided to buy this house we knew there were LOTS of improvements we wanted to make.  They ran the gamut from simple painting (if planning to paint EVERY room in your house can be considered simple) to knocking down walls, relocating banks of kitchen cabinets, and cutting doorways between rooms.

The first room we painted was the dining room.  Sadly, I cannot find a before picture to post but it was a rather unpleasant and flat shade of deep, dark red.  It clashed horribly with our dining room furniture and gave me indigestion.  I suppose the stomach upset could have been caused by the pregnancy, but I prefer to blame the paint color. 🙂  I started painting it during naptimes less than a month after we moved in and Keith finished it one Saturday afternoon.  We love the color it turned out, but it wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned.  I was looking for something with a bit more green to it and this definitely reads more blue.  Unfortunately, the color doesn’t look great with the rug or chair upholstery, so we will be changing those out at some point, but lucky for us we have hardwoods throughout our house so we have lots of rooms that still need rugs.  I took this picture yesterday while Keith was taking down the chandelier.

Hi Keith!

The color doesn’t come through perfectly (with my photography skills, it never will!), but it gives you a general idea of the new color.

We don’t normally have chairs lining the walls but we moved them in order to move the table, in order to get to the chandelier.  Anywhoo…on to the chandelier.  Isn’t it lovely?  After we moved  I started looking for light fixtures to replace this gorgeous piece.  I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted and with so many other projects we are dying to undertake throughout the house, I decided to get a little crafty.  We bought a $5 can of Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint at Lowe’s and planned to give this baby a makeover.  Yesterday while Jacob was napping, Keith shut off the power, pulled down the light fixture and I prepared to paint.  Right before I started spraying we realized that spray painting may be somewhat hazardous to the littlest Nedell, so Keith decided to take over.  A few coats and a few hours later and we had this.

Again, not a completely accurate representation – the color is darker than shown here and the glare makes the picture pretty awful.  Here is another taken during the day with the light off.

Also a bad picture…are you starting to sense a trend here?

Since painting the dining room, we have tackled the nursery, the master bedroom, the front entryway and the upstairs hallway (thanks, Dave!).  Next on the painting agenda is the mudroom, then likely Jacob’s big boy room and a couple of bathrooms.  We are replacing the tub and re-tiling the surround in Jacob’s bathroom this week, and we are hoping to start knocking down some walls after the holidays.

Well, that’s all folks.   I hope you enjoyed this foray into our home improvement adventures, and for those of you who were waiting for that picture of Jacob, here it is.

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In addition to sweeping, swiffering and vacuuming, Jacob is a fantastic helper when it comes to the laundry. Now we need to focus on his folding skills 🙂

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More Twinkle Twinkle

Jacob’s sound machine has a song option in addition to a variety of white noise options.  While we have never used the music, he figured out a long time ago how to turn it on and enjoys listening to his favorite song, Twinkle Twinkle from time to time.  The other morning he brought the sound machine into the bathroom while I was getting ready and decided to put on a little show.




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Behind Bars


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The Best of Friends


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An Announcement From Jacob…

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On Saturday we met Jay, Melissa, Josh and Emma Long at Buell’s Farm for a hayride and some pumpkin picking.

Jacob and Josh on the hayride out to pick some pumpkins.

Jacob really did have a good time, despite the lack of his usual smiley countenance.

Once we arrived, Jacob wasted no time in searching for the perfect pumpkin…”Hey Dad!  What about this one?”

Yup, that is definitely the one.

Or maybe this one?

This one is more Jacob-sized…

…and we have a winner!

Family shot with Jacob’s pumpkin!

After we picked out our pumpkins, we took another hayride back to the main farm area.

…where we enjoyed fresh donuts and apple cider.

There is that smile we were looking for all day!

We had a wonderful time…I only wish we had a picture of the whole group!

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Jacob has been completely taken with cleaning tools for months now. The Swiffer is a big favorite (so much so that I had to buy a second one), he loves to sweep the deck, and then there is the vacuum cleaner. Words cannot express how much Jacob loves the vacuum. He actually waves to it when he gets up in the morning. The good news is that he is finally strong enough to hold the handle and push it around a bit. At this rate, he will be ready to vacuum his room unassisted by the end of the year!

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Hanging With Jacob

At the playground yesterday, instead of going up the ramp and down the slide Jacob decided to attempt a new way to get down.


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