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Leaving on a Jet Plane

All strapped in!

Texas, here I come!!!!


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Dear Aunt Kendra

Thanks for the package you sent! Mom and Dad said we don’t get to open our presents for a few more days but I sure am enjoying the box!


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A Comfy Reading Spot

Jacob’s diaper delivery came the other day.  Before I had a chance to take them upstairs, he decided the box made for a nice little reading nook so he plopped down with a good book and got to reading!

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Going for a Walk

We decided to brave the sub-arctic temps yesterday afternoon and take Bailey for her first walk on the Farmington Valley Trail System. Between Jacob and Bailey, I don’t know who had more fun, although I have a feeling Bailey’s paws stayed warmer than Jacob’s little fingers.


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He does have that pouty face down, doesn’t he?

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Jacob decided this would be a good spot to set down his booster and get some work done. In case you are wondering, that is a box waiting for a UPS pick-up.


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Mr. Smoothie Face

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Jacob loves music and will stop what he is doing to dance when he hears a song. He especially loves James Blunt and he likes to use Dad’s phone to listen to the special Pandora station that Keith set up for him. Here he is dancing some of the turkey off the day after Thanksgiving.

That little move he did with his left hand at the end means he is done dancing and wants to vacuum…

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The best thing about Thanksgiving this year was having The Richmond Nedells stay with us and watching Conor and Jacob play together.  This was the first time they were really able to interact and it was so sweet to watch the boys make memories together.  Jacob even found a way to combine playing with his cousin and his love of pushing toys around the house.


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