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Heading South?


We are expecting a winter storm today and tomorrow so Jacob thought it best if he packed up and headed for warmer weather!

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Look at Me!


I put my shoes on all by myself!

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23 Months!


Jacob is 23 months old today. How is it possible that our baby is only one month away from being TWO?!?!

He is turning into such a little boy, there is less and less baby evident every time we look at him. He has quite the personality these days and loves to goof around and act silly. Jacob is talking up a storm and trying new words all the time. He is obsessed with trucks and trains and construction vehicles but he still loves to clean, cook and help us around the house. Hopefully that will come in handy when we bring his sister home!

Happy 23 months little guy! We love you so much and cannot wait to see what you do next!

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Patience Is a Virtue


I am pretty sure we have the most patient dog in the entire world.

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Doing My Hair

Jacob has a favorite new appliance…


I think it’s pretty impressive that he can already use the giant round brush…I didn’t learn that technique until I was in high school!


I guess I should be glad that he will be able to help me do his baby sister’s hair when I am in a hurry ūüôā


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When we purchased the house last year, we knew that we wanted to open up the family room and kitchen.  Our house in Dallas had an open concept between these two rooms and it worked really well for our family.  I spend lots of time in the kitchen and with a very active toddler (and #2 on the way), we figured it only made sense for me to be able to see the kiddos playing while I was preparing meals.  In addition, I was able to be part of the action when we had guests and family over instead of being isolated in a different room.  We also wanted to be able to use our kitchen table which has been residing in our basement since last August.

In addition to knocking down the wall that separated the two rooms, we wanted to change the look of the family room. ¬†The previous owners went for a southwest themed look which didn’t really make sense with the rest of our house (and didn’t fit in with our taste, either). Our family room included some distressed faux wood panelling, ceiling beams and built-ins sporting southwest style arches. ¬†There was also very little natural light since the only window in the family room was a sliding glass door that opens onto a screened-in porch. ¬†While we love the porch, we didn’t love what it did for the aesthetic of the room. ¬†During the renovation, not only did we add natural light from the kitchen but we also added addition recessed lighting and a chandelier over the kitchen table to brighten up the room. ¬†In order to get rid of the panelling, beams, and popcorn ceiling we had the room taken down to the studs and new walls built. ¬†The entire process took just over four weeks and we are thrilled with the results. ¬†Here are the before and after photos. ¬†Sorry about the lighting…

View from the mudroom before:

View from the mudroom after:

Fireplace wall before:

Fireplace wall after:

View from the family room toward the kitchen before:

View from the family room toward the kitchen after:

Outside family room wall before:

Outside family room wall after:

And the other half of that wall before:

And after:

And finally, the view from the front door before:

View from the front door after:

What a difference!  We still have to hang pictures on the walls and are planning to add a console table behind the love seat for additional toy storage, but we are loving living in our new rooms!

*In case anyone is interested, the new paint color in the family room/kitchen is Benjamin Moore Baltic Grey and the trim is Benjamin Moore White Dove.

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Happy Birthday, Nana!

Jacob has a special wish for you this morning!



We hope you have a wonderful day!

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Disappearing Dish Towels


Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I had no idea why Jacob kept running off with my dish towels. I finally watched him pretend to wash something in his play sink and then run to the real kitchen to grab a towel. This morning we came up with a solution and added a few Jacob-sized towels (older dish cloths that we never use) to his kitchen.

He seems very excited about the prospect of not having to run back and forth any more!


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Happy Valentines Day!


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