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Nothing cuter than babies in pajamas!

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Birthday Balloons!

The video…sorry it’s dark.  I thought about turning the overhead light on but didn’t want to blind our birthday boy so early in the morning!



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I have no idea how it happened, but we are officially the parents of a two year old.  On Monday we celebrated Jacob’s birthday as a family.  Even though we kept it pretty low key, we all had a good day and enjoyed spending time together, eating Jacob’s favorite foods and enjoying some exciting surprises along the way.

Keith blew up 20 helium balloons on Sunday night and before we went to bed we snuck them into Jacob’s room for him to see in the morning.  Jacob LOVES balloons these days so the surprise was very well received!

After the balloon surprise we headed downstairs to see what other excitement awaited our birthday boy.

We headed straight to the family room and the balloons were momentarily forgotten when he saw…

His new train set from Aunt Mary, Uncle Eric, Aunt Megan and Uncle Adam!  His parents actually bought him a table to go under the trains, but due to a slight miscommunication, the table won’t be driving for a bit longer…

Even without the table, the trains were a huge hit and Jacob played with them for most of the day.

Once we got in sufficient train play we turned our focus to our stomachs.

What birthday is complete without birthday pancakes?

Candles just add to the celebration!

Jacob spent the day playing and enjoying time with the whole family, even asking to hold Lilian several times during the day.  He is starting to love his role as a big brother!

For dinner he requested pepperoni pizza…

and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for dessert (leaving no question who he belongs to)

What better way to end a great birthday than with a chocolate buttercream goatee?

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A little brother-sister chat


Stick with me, Lilian, I’ll show you everything you need to know

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Going Home!

All dressed and ready to go!

Not a big fan of the carseat!

With Mom and Dad!

One more with Mom on the deck after arriving home!

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Grammy and Pepere took great care of Jacob while we were in the hospital and were Lilian’s first visitors! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best and we love you!!!!!

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