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In other news, you may have noticed weird things going on with the blog.  Jacob hit a few buttons when I left my computer on the coffee table recently which cleared all of the settings so I started playing around with the idea of changing up our look.  It is (obviously) a work in progress and if you couldn’t tell, I have no idea what I am doing. 🙂

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Happy Sunday!


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I Want to be a Cowboy!


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I managed to take both Jacob and Lilian to the pediatrician yesterday for their 2 year and 1 month appointments respectively, and to my surprise, things went really well.  I have to thank my incredibly smart husband for suggesting I take the iPad for Jacob to play with.  It kept him occupied and still while we waited and helped take his mind off the fact that he was about to get weighed and measured – something he REALLY doesn’t enjoy.

Their doctor said that both of them look fantastic and are growing and developing as they should.  Jacob weighed in at 28lbs 13ozs and measured 36″ tall and Lilian was 9lbs, 6ozs and 22.5″ tall.  Strangely enough, both of them are in the 75th percentile for height and the 50th for weight.  Looks like we have very consistent children!

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Some pictures taken during a typical day at our house:

Jacob taking a picture of his baby sister.

Close-up of baby Lilian

Posing with Bailey

Hugs and kisses!

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Havana Jacob

We had some interesting weather this week. It was 85 degrees on Monday, 75 on Tuesday and 65 on Wednesday and Thursday.

I took these pictures on Monday during our heatwave, when Jacob decided that the lawn (and the driveway, and the walkway) could use a little attention from Mow Mow, his favorite toy.

He does make a pretty cute little lawn boy. 🙂

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