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…Only 9 days late 🙂

Lilian was three months old on June 20th.  She seems to grow everyday and her little personality just gets sweeter and sweeter.

We found out a few weeks ago that unlike her big brother, not only does Lilian have no use for a pacifier but she thinks bottles are for the birds as well.

Please pardon the dog in the background…Lilian was getting hungry and by the time I shooed Bailey out of the picture, she was making it clear that the photo shoot was over.

Lilian has mastered the ability to hold up her head and is moving on to more important skills.  Like standing.  She is also trying really hard to roll over these days.

She continues to exhibit a very sweet personality despite the fact that she has given up on napping during the day.  Seems like she takes after her older brother more than we originally thought.  Thankfully she is still sleeping like a champ at night, so no complaints from this mommy.

She is very alert and aware of everything going on around her and she loves to “chat” with us. It will be interesting to see if she speaks earlier than Jacob did…she is certainly more vocal at this age than he was.

Her eyes are still blue and her hair is starting to grow in, resulting in the cutest little buzz cut you ever saw.

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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Photo Friday


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We were at a friend’s house yesterday and they let Lilian try out their jumparoo.


She stood like this for a good 20 minutes before getting tired. I guess I need to pull ours up from the basement!

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Mommy’s Glasses


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Lilian and her friends at lunch today. And we think the two year olds don’t interact much!

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We hosted playgroup yesterday and Jacob and three of his friends decided to play sardines!

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Caption contest?

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Jacob reminded me of another two year old I once knew today.

He put this ensemble together all on his own, although I *may* have straightened the hair bow before I snapped the first picture…

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Wishing all of the fathers in our lives a wonderful day!

We realize Lilian should be in this shot but she and Jacob have only been awake at the same time during church and meals so far today 🙂

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