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Jacob has been writing songs recently. Sometimes I have no idea what he is singing but other times (like this one) he sings new lyrics to a familiar melody.  We were having breakfast and instead of asking for more strawberries he started singing it.  I started laughing because it was so cute and somehow convinced him to do it again, but only by letting him hold the phone himself (which explains the weird angle and part of the frame being covered by his finger.

His original lyrics were:

“Bup would like more strawberries, please.

More strawberries please,

More strawberries, please.

Bup would like more strawberries please.

Thank you, Mommy.”

He changed it up a little this time in addition to being distracted by the camera, but you get the general idea.

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Home Again!


We are back home after a four day weekend in New Jersey to celebrate Lolly’s birthday. I hope to be back to regular posting for a bit!

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for your viewing pleasure:

The first of Miss Lilian trying out Jacob’s swing for the first time this weekend:

The second was taken several weeks ago, and it’s a video of Jacob’s monitor.  He often sings himself to sleep and I missed the majority of this performance, but I am pretty sure I caught the best part.  Sorry it is a little jumpy, I was feeding Lilian while filming the monitor.

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Trip to the Park

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Jacob and Lilian got to spend lots of good time with Conor and Brendan while we were in Virginia last week!


This picture may be my favorite of the 5000+ pictures that were taken during the course of the week.  Thanks Aunt Megan!


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Eat More Chicken!



For the couple of weeks leading up to our trip, Keith and I kept talking about how excited we were to be going back to the land of the only fast food chain where we enjoy eating.  We tried to locate a Chic-Fil-A on our drive down but couldn’t find one until well past lunch time.  Sadly for Keith, Jacob and I (and Aunt Kendra!) went for lunch on Wednesday while he was golfing.  It was everything that I remembered it being!

Jacob was extra excited because after eating waffle fries dipped in ketchup and cfa sauce for lunch, he got to play on the indoor play ground!



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