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Keeping it Real

Since we still have candy laying around I figured it’s not too late to post a few pictures from Halloween. This was my favorite:

Pretty good, right?

I guess I will have to settle for this one that I took before we ran out the door that morning.

Firefighter Elmo (Jacob couldn’t decide what he wanted to be) was a tad bit more cooperative than his baby sister

He even helped mow the grass after pictures!




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This happy baby girl was 7 months on October 20th. Where oh where has the time gone?

Lilian LOVES to “talk” these days.  She makes all kinds of happy screechy noises.  If you respond, she will carry on a whole conversation with you. It’s especially sweet to see her chat with her brother or her little baby friends.

She is trying so hard to crawl.  Unfortunately, she hates being on her tummy so she tries to get there from a seated position.  Because she rolls from her tummy to her back as soon as you put her down, she hasn’t developed the strength to hold herself up and pull herself along.  She usually winds up face-planting and adding to the collection of bruises on her forehead. 😦  Even though she won’t be mastering crawling anytime soon, she is a champ at scooting around on her behind.  I leave her on the family room rug and find her galway to the kitchen a few minutes later.

Lilian continues to absolutely ADORE her older brother.  Jacob can stand near her and start to laugh and she will break out into the most adorable giggles.  She is also eating like a champ, and now eats most meals with us.  In fact, if she isn’t eating when we’re eating, she let’s us know under no uncertain terms just how displeased she is.

She cut two teeth this month.  Her bottom right tooth came in on October 11th and the left popped up on the 15th.

We feel so blessed to have this sweet girl as a part of our family and are having so much fun watching her grow!

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30 Month Check-up

We had Jacob’s 2.5 year check-up last week (a tad bit late…).  He is growing well, and FINALLY broke 30lbs!  He has been hovering in the high 20’s since before we moved.  He came in at 50th percentile for weight, 37″ tall in the 75th percentile for height and his head was 50th as well.

He is developing beautifully, and our pediatrician couldn’t believe that this was the same little boy that would only say 5 words the last time she saw him.  I can’t believe that he is closer to 3 than he is to 2.  Makes this mama want to cry.

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Last week I told Jacob his full name.  He has referred to himself as “Bebup Umrey” for awhile now, and I figured it was time to add the Nedell and teach him how to spell it.  He is still working on the spelling part, but it’s pretty cute to hear him add some extra letters at the end.  I also haven’t quite gotten through to him about the concept of  family name.  When I ask him what Mommy and Daddy’s last name is, he answers with his name.  At one point we asked him to tell us Lilian’s full name, and the answer was pretty funny:

For those of you scratching your heads, before he goes to bed Jacob says two prayers.  The first one ends with the line “Bless the children, just like Jacob Henry and Lilian Clare, everywhere”.  He starts the second with “Goodnight dear Jesus”.

You just never know what is going on in that head of his!

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Fun with Blueberries

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A small selection of the daily comedy Jacob provides the family:

Jacob and I were chatting at breakfast about the Turkey Trot.  When he asked what it was, I told him it was a race that I was running on Thanksgiving with Uncle Peter and Aunt Jamison.  He replied “I would like to run a race with Uncle Eric and Uncle Mary”.  Sorry Mary!

For some reason, when Jacob is talking to Bailey he shouts, even if she is right next to him.  As I was cleaning him up after lunch, he looked down where she was sitting at his feet and said at the top of his lungs “Bai-ey! Let’s go in the playroom, Bai-ey!!!!!”

In the playroom I told him we could play for a bit but I was going to set a timer and when it went off, it was time for naps.  When the timer went off, he got up and started to walk to the stairs.  Bailey was laying on the floor in the entryway.  As he passed her, he looked at her and said “Bai-ey, it’s time for naps!  Go sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s room!”.

As we were driving to the pediatrician’s office for his 2.5 year check-up he says to me “Mommy I don’t want I go to the doctor. Can we please go home?” After I told him that it’s important to go for check-ups so we can stay healthy, he said “I would really like to go home and take a nap, instead.”  This from the child who resists naps with all of his being.



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