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We spent Christmas in Virginia at Uncle Eric and Aunt Mary’s house.  We enjoyed playing with cousins, aunts and uncles and Grammy and Pepere too.  In addition to all of the fun and extra attention, Jacob found some time to lend a hand in the kitchen.


Here he is helping Grammy and Aunt Megan bake cookies.  Not sure what is happening with his arms…


Cleaning the beater…his reward for assisting with the frosting for Baby Jesus’s birthday cake.


While Jacob was working hard, Lilian enjoyed time with Brendan.


How cute are these two?


On Christmas Eve we made attempt #1 at getting a picture of the four oldest cousins. Out of about 50 pictures snapped, this was the best shot. We didn’t think it was safe to add Ann Monroe to this mix – Conor and Brendan barely escaped with both of their ears intact.

Stay tuned for more Christmas pictures!

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Merry Christmas!

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This is an old video…taken the same day as this and this, that I never posted.  I thought it was too cute not to share.  Jacob is performing a song that we sing at the music program we attend at the library.  These are the lyrics in case you have trouble understanding him:

Driving in my car (repeat 2x), Driving all the way to Mineapolis in my car!

Red Light STOP!

What sound do the windshield wipers make?

Swish Swish Swish Swish (repeat 3 times)

Red Light, STOP!

What sound does the car muffin (muffler) make?

(Motor sound)

Driving in my car (repeat 2x), Driving all the way to Mineapolis in my car!

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Adventures in Crawling

In the short time since Lilian crawled for the first time on Tuesday, she has already gotten herself into all sorts of fun situations!


Is it possible that our children are somewhat genetically predisposed to having an infatuation with the vacuum cleaner?


Hey Mom! Look at this silver kiddie pool I found!


I think the clean laundry looks much better on the floor!

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We Have a Crawler!

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Attempt #1

I have started to realize that it usually takes more than one try to get a decent picture of both kids in any given situation.  The furry kid adds a whole other dimension of fun!

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