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On Saturday while Lilian and I took a field trip to Ikea, Jacob got a double treat.  Not only did he get to stay home with Daddy, but Keith decided to take out his old guitar and let Jacob play with it.  You probably know that Jacob loves singing, music in any form, and playing the piano.  In case you were wondering, that love of all things musical extends to guitars.  Here is his first guitar performance, for your viewing pleasure.  Move over, Wiggles, here comes Jacob.

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At the Library

photo-43Jacob and some of his friends being cute at the library yesterday.


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Look at Me!


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He’s My Sunshine

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Jacob’s New Trick

Looks like his nights in the crib may be numbered…

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Hand prints?

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The Jacob Latte


Cold frothy milk with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Thanks Grandma and Grandad!

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New Vacuum!

I have no idea what spurred Jacob’s love of vacuum cleaners, but I know it started early.


Like, before he could walk early.


When we go to Target he begs to walk the vacuum aisle at least three times, and then oohhs and ahhhs at all of the different models.


The only way I could get him to smile in these pictures was to let him pose with the vacuum.


So, you can likely imagine his delight when during our trip to Costco on Saturday, Keith decided we should take advantage of the great deal they were running and upgrade our vacuum.  Jacob was so excited to come home and try it out.  He didn’t even want to eat lunch!

Yes, that is our two year old practically hyperventilating because he is so excited to be the first to use the new vacuum.  Although, some of his giddiness was explained on Monday morning, when he asked me if he could get “Bup’s vacuum” out.  Imagine my surprise when he marched out of the laundry room with the “big vacuum” as he refers to it, in tow.  He then proceeded to tell me that the new vacuum belonged to him and that Mommy and Daddy’s vacuum was in the basement.


Despite the miscommunication about who it belongs to, he is definitely enjoying our newest appliance.  It would seem that his little pink shadow may be developing a bit of a cleaning infatuation of her own…


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In case you are wondering what Jacob is doing with his right hand, the music director at our church is also the pianist and he conducts the choir while he plays.  He is also very demonstrative in his conducting, which Jacob has picked up on.

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