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Blowing Kisses!

I always blow Jacob a kiss as I leave his room before nap and bedtime.  The other day as I was putting him down for his nap I was holding Lilian and I blew him a kiss, as per our routine. Lilian looked at him and blew him a kiss too!

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On Wednesday of last week, we decided to take a morning walk to help wear Jacob out.  He hadn’t napped yet that week and we figured a little more exercise might help him get in an afternoon rest.  At the end of the street we were staying on we found this lovely area and decided to stop for some pictures!

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Ten Months!

It’s hard to believe our little girl is 10 months old!  Well, truth be told, she’s now 11 months old (yup, we’re a little late with posting this one), so let’s just imagine this was posted a month ago.IMG_5704

Lilian’s eating slowed down quite a bit this month.  She still eats well, and she still eats a fairly varied diet, but she has become more discriminating and seems to have more of an opinion about what she puts in her mouth.  Some of her previous favorites that have fallen out of favor include avocado and broccoli. She is still a big fan of blueberries and pears and if given the choice between meat or starch, she will choose meat every. single. time.


Last month Lilian sealed her status as Daddy’s girl by saying “Dada” for the first time.  This past month, she started saying “Mama” as well.  Somehow getting up several times a night with a teething baby isn’t nearly as hard when they look at you and call you by name.


Speaking of teething, Lilian now has her two top teeth!  She cut the left one on January 9th and her right top tooth popped through on January 15th, bringing her grand total to four.


Lilian started sitting up in her crib this month.  She would sit up in the middle of the night and play quietly for a while before deciding she was tired and wanted to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, she had not yet figured out how to lay herself back down and would start crying when she realized she was stuck sitting up.  Thankfully, this only lasted for a few days before she resumed her regular sleep schedule.


Lilian has also begun to perfect her skills of pulling up on things…coffee tables, couches, Jacob’s train table, bar stools, her crib; she’s really not picky, as long as she can stretch out and stand up for a bit.  And unlike her brother, she doesn’t seem to have any problem at all sitting back down from her standing position, which certainly makes things easier on Mom and Dad!


Now that you are all caught up on her tenth month, let’s hope it doesn’t take me a full month to get her eleven month post up!


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Reading Poolside


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Pool Time


Her first time in the water and she loved it!

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Hey Florida…


Here comes Lilian!!!!

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Up Here


Yesterday I was sitting on the couch feeding Lilian and Jacob climbed up on the arm. When I asked him what he was doing he replied that he wanted to sit down but he didn’t see any spots so he had to sit up there.

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Happy Valentines Day!


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Lilian has been using her walker for awhile now, but only on the rug.  Tonight she really took off!

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Lilian has not quite had all of the same opportunities that her brother did.  Jacob was allowed to feed himself every meal, making a glorious mess at least three times a day and he was given a fork or spoon from the beginning.  Because poor Miss Lilian is a second child and I have more messes to clean up these days, she has been spoon fed a lot more than Jacob ever was (mainly just oatmeal and soup) and has had limited access to utensils.  I decided to hand her a spoon for the first time in a long while yesterday and it seems she has been watching the rest of us.  She did great, and except for her dancing (arm flailing) while  Jacob sang, she didn’t even make much of a mess!

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