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A few pictures of our family today. As a special treat, Jacob enlightens us on the true meaning of Easter.

Clearly, I didn’t explain it correctly ūüôā

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter!

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It’s hard to believe that our baby boy is three years old…and no longer a baby. ¬†Jacob is growing into a smart little boy who picks up on everything and is constantly asking questions. ¬†He is also downright hilarious.

Please note, some of these things may be “you had to be there” kind of situations, but since we keep this blog for our own memories as well as to keep all of our family and friends up on the happenings of our family, please forgive us if they don’t seem as funny in the retelling as we think they are.


Instead of saying “What did you say?” Jacob asks “What you said?” And it’s not just the words he says, but how he says it – and the accompanying facial expressions – that really put it over the top.

The term “yesterday” means any day prior to today. So he might say “Remember yesterday when Lilian was born?” or “Remember yesterday when we lived in Texas?”


He refers to the dining room as the “diamond room” and yeah, we were pretty disappointed when we figured that out. ¬†We kept thinking he knew something we didn’t.

He has made up goofy names for himself and Lilian.  He calls himself Yan or BoYan and he calls Lilian Yaya.  I have no idea why, but it makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time.


Recently Jacob and I were in the kitchen after his nap and he looked at me and said “Mommy, I need to go downstairs and make sure my toys are pretty good”. ¬†He really thought he needed to go check on his toys in the basement, and he was very adamant about it.


He’s incredibly attentive during Church, something we’ve figured out both during Mass as well as at home. ¬†One Sunday after Keith received Communion, Jacob turned to him and said (in a not-quiet voice) “I want some Body of Christ.” He continued to repeat it the whole way back to our pew.

Then a few weeks later, we found him using his napkin to wipe the lip of his cup after every sip. ¬†When we asked him what he was doing, he replied “I’m wiping my wine cup like at church.” ¬†So there you go.


He refers to his milk at dinner as his “wine milk”, and loves to do “cheersies with us.


His recent loves include:

-What he refers to as a “dance party”. ¬†This involves streaming youtube videos of children’s songs to the ¬†TV and may or may not actually include much in the way of dancing.


-Playing his keyboard and singing.  Sometimes they are songs we recognize, and other times they are his own original compositions.

-Crafting – he loves to paint, cut paper with his safety scissors (dropping tiny pieces of paper all over the floor), and use a glue stick.


-Stickers Рwe have found stickers ALL over the house, stuck to the floors, walls, in the laundry, etc.  He loves them.

Trucks Рespecially scoops.  Snow days are really exciting for him Рhe sits around and waits for the plows to drive by because they have big scoops on the front of them.


Cooking – both real (especially on pizza night!) and pretend.

Cookie Monster

Curious George books


Making smoothies (and eating the frozen fruit)

Breakfast is his favorite meal, and he’s never met a baked good he didn’t like.


At the beginning of February Jacob decided he wanted to start wearing underwear. ¬†Prior to that, he had only wanted to use the bathroom as a stall tactic before bed, but he was serious this time. ¬†He had a couple of accidents early on but with the exception of our flights to and from Florida, he hasn’t left the house in a diaper in two months and he is doing great.


At Jacob’s three year check-up, his pediatrician confirmed that he is healthy and developing well. ¬†Jacob was excited that he didn’t get an shots this time (as an aside, he is convinced that the dimples in his elbows appeared the last time he got shots. ¬†Now, every time we go to the doctor he asks if they are going to give him shots in his dimples.). He weighed in at 30 pounds which puts him in the 30th percentile for weight and is 38.75″, and the 88th percentile for height.


We still can’t believe that our little guy isn’t so very little anymore, but we are trying to enjoy every minute with him. ¬†He makes us laugh each day and we are constantly amazed by his curiosity and persistence (even when we have to answer the same question 10 times in the course of a minute!). ¬†We love you Jacob Henry, and we feel so blessed to be your parents!

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This has been happening all weekend…

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Happy Birthday, Lilian!



It’s hard to believe that one year ago I had sent Keith off to work and was planning to go for a walk with a friend to get my contractions moving. ¬†At the time I thought Lilian (whose name had not yet been determined) would be born on a few days later. ¬†What a difference a year makes! ¬†We are so very blessed to call this sweet girl our daughter and it’s hard to remember what our lives were like before she joined our family!

Happy Birthday, Lilian!  We love you so much!!!!

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We have a climber on our hands, folks. This is one of her favorite spots, after she pulls the baskets off, of course!

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This sweet girl turned eleven months on February 20th.  How is it possible that almost a year has gone by since she joined our family?!?!?!


Just like her brother, Lilian absolutely loves music. Any time she hears someone singing or a song playing (or the blender or dishwasher running), she starts bouncing and dancing, and sometimes claps too. One of her favorite things is what Jacob calls a “dance party” where we stream youtube videos of kids songs on the TV. ¬†Her favorite is “Shake Your Sillies Out” and she loves to do all of the motions to the song right along with her big brother!


Lilian has gained enough balance now to walk along with us one-handed. ¬†When she doesn’t have an adult’s hand to grab, she is quite content to cruise along the furniture or push her walker, and has started climbing, too. ¬†She has made it up several stairs and climbed onto the hearth, but her favorite perch is the bottom shelf of the leaning bookshelf (after she pulls the baskets off, of course).


We are starting to see Lilian’s personality come out in full force. ¬†She is such a happy girl and very easy-going. ¬†She loves her brother so much and watches everything he does, and is very attached to both Keith and me. ¬†While she is sweet as can be, we are starting to see a little bit of feistiness come out. ¬†When Jacob gets a little rough with her she has started swatting his hands away, and will sometimes dodge his hugs and kisses. ¬†Thankfully, this just makes them both laugh, which makes us laugh too.


Lilian is adding to her vocabulary, saying “BupBup” for Jacob and “BuhBuh” for Bailey. ¬†With the exception of her own, she has mastered every family member’s name now!


I can’t believe that the next update I write will be her one year!

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On Sunday as we were getting into the car after church, Jacob climbed over and put these on Lilian’s face.

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Someone has lots to say these days!

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I wonder how much they could charge per hour? ūüôā


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