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Similar to last year, we let Jacob take the lead in planning his actual birthday, including his meals.

When he woke up that morning, Keith, Lilian and I all went in to get him up with balloons in tow.  Jacob LOVES balloons and they were such a hit last year that we thought we would surprise him with them again this year.

Jacob's Balloon Wake-up

Jacob’s Balloon Wake-up

I started asking Jacob several days before his birthday what he might enjoy for breakfast.  I suggested waffles or french toast, but Jacob decided he wanted scones.  Yup, scones.

Breakfast scones!

Breakfast scones!

We had a few small presents for him to open, including new metal pans for his kitchen (so Bailey couldn’t chew them, like she did with his plastic ones!).  His favorite was the 5 pack of mini CAT construction vehicles. Boy does this kid love his trucks!

New scoops!

New scoops!

Another request from Jacob was that we invite his buddies to go to Jump Zone with us.  We had four of Jacob’s friends join us for jumping, and they all had a great time!

Jacob and Clara in one of the bounce houses

Jacob and Clara in one of the bounce houses

Jack and Lilian Watching the action

Jack and Lilian watching the action

After we jumped for awhile, we headed to a pizza place nearby to continue the celebration (he requested pizza last year too).

Jack, Jacob, Wyatt, Clara and Laney

Jack, Jacob, Wyatt, Clara and Laney in front of the pizza oven

This was the best we could get under the circumstances.  They were all lined up watching the pizzas go in and out of the brick oven.  Lilian declined to be in the picture as she was finishing off her fourth piece of pizza!

After lunch a few of us headed over to the playground.  It was in the mid forties and the snow had finally melted off the playground so we figured we would brave the wind and enjoy being outside for a bit.

For dinner Jacob requested pancakes and then he finished the night off with a birthday cupcake.  Boy does this kid love his baked goods!

Birthday Cupcake!!!

Birthday Cupcake!!!

We had such a great day celebrating our big three year old, and if the day was any indication, three should be a wonderful year!

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Lilian still refuses to walk, but that doesn’t stop her from playing with the big kids who do.  We took advantage of the nice weather on Monday (high of 56…hello spring, so nice to FINALLY catch a glimpse of you!) to meet some friends at the playground.  Look at her go!

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I have received several requests for pictures from the party, so…here goes! Sadly, my camera was on manual when I handed it off, so most of the pictures of our guests came out blurry, and I am still waiting on pictures from some friends who were playing photographer as well.

When we started planning Jacob’s third and Lilian’s first birthday party, I really wanted to do them separately. After giving it a bit more thought as much as I wanted to make each of their parties special and uniquely theirs, it didn’t make much sense to host two parties a week apart with the exact same guest list.  Once we decided to combine them I set out to find a theme that would work for both of them.  Jacob was very adamant about wanting a scoop party, but I of course wanted something a bit more girly for Lilian’s first birthday celebration.  I finally decided that flowers or ladybugs could tie-in nicely to the dirt in Jacob’s construction theme and found someone to create the invitations for me.  After some back-and-forth, this is what we came up with:


Our guests were greeted by a door sign as they arrived, and by lots of balloons as they entered the mudroom.  I failed to get a picture of the balloons…


Like we did for Jacob’s party, I wanted to display pictures of Lilian throughout her first year. Of course, if we were going to display pictures of Lilian, we had to do the same for Jacob, right?  So, I bought unfinished frames from Michael’s and painted them pink, green and yellow, and then added some white Ikea frames that I haven’t used yet to round out the displays.  Lilian’s display was set-up on the playroom mantle:


And Jacob’s in the family room:

IMG_6454Sadly, we ran out of time and didn’t get Jacob’s poms hung in time, so I just scattered them on top of his frames. I also made a few picture banners with shots we took of both kids together over the past year.


Thanks to my brilliant sister we settled on the idea of a build your own taco bar for food, playing on the construction theme. In addition to grilled chicken and pulled pork, we served black bean confetti salad, mango and pineapple salsa, chips with red and green salsas, guacamole, two kinds of cheese, lettuce and tomato.  The taco bar was complemented with mac and cheese bites, fruit skewers, a veggie tray with creamy jalepeno (a la Chuy’s),


and an idea that was much more successful in concept than in execution: turkey and cheese sandwiches cut in the shape of scoops and ladybugs.

IMG_6463The sweets table showcased two flavors of cupcakes – vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, cheesecake stuffed strawberries and oreo truffles.

IMG_6451I also added the cookie favors, to keep them from tempting little fingers before it was time to pass them out!

IMG_6594Flanking the dessert table were birthday banners for each of our guests of honor.



When it came time to sing Happy Birthday, Jacob may have been slightly excited for his cupcake…


Sweet, goofy little boy.


Lilian chilaxing while her guests sang to her…


When she figured out what we had put on her tray, I think she was worried we wouldn’t let her keep it and so she tried to shove the entire cupcake in her mouth at once!


Eventually she realized that we were going to let her keep it and began to eat at a more leisurely pace. And made a proper mess!


Lilian with Mom


And one with Dad, too.


Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of either Keith or me with the birthday boy because we couldn’t get him to hold still for that long, but we did manage a picture of all four of us.


We couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of Grammy (who helped with the food preparation and cleaned up almost single-handedly!), and my sweet friend Lori who put together the highchair banner and made lots of tissue poms.

We were so happy with the way everything turned out and very grateful to all of our sweet friends and family that came out to make Jacob and Lilian feel so loved!

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I have no idea where the past twelve months have gone, but we officially have a one-year old!

On March 5 Lilian cut her two top teeth (yup, both on the same day) bringing her total count to 6 (four on top and two on the bottom).  These two didn’t seem to bother her the way her previous teeth have and she even slept through the night where teething has awakened her in the past.


Lilian started folding her hands when we pray and blowing kisses this month.  It is so sweet to see her blow a kiss to her big brother before nap and bed!  She also added another word to her growing vocabulary. She says uh oh as “uh uh” and she says it quite often!  Sometimes she says it in response to something someone else does, but typically she just throws an object on the floor so she can say it!  She has also started repeating words if you ask her to, and any time Bailey barks, she barks right back at her.


In addition to the words we understand, she loves to babble and make other noises and screeches that we don’t understand.  She is very vocal (especially during church!) and always has something to say.  We love listening to her practice making new sounds!

Early this month she started standing unassisted.  She would let go of whatever (or whomever) she was holding onto and just stand there for a bit.  Once she realized what she had done, she would quickly grab back onto it/them.  She has been playing around with the idea of walking for awhile now, and finally took 4 steps on her own on her birthday.  Keith was at work and Jacob was already in bed for his nap so I was the only one who witnessed this milestone, but she has done it a few more times since then.  She still prefers to walk with one of us or her walker, but she is slowly warming up to the idea.


At her one year appointment she weighed in at 22 pounds, 10 ounces holding her place in the 70th percentile for weight.  She was 30 inches long (75th%) and her head measured 46cm (75th%).  At this rate, she is going to catch up to her brother soon!!!

What an amazing twelve months it has been!  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, yet we can barely remember life as a family of three.  Our sweet baby girl has brought us all so much joy and we are so thankful to be her parents.  We love you, Lilian Clare and are having so much fun watching you grow!

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