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Another Jacob Henry original.  Lilian loves the new composition!

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We love chatting with Jacob and the boy says some funny things!  The following are just a sampling of the zingers he’s thrown out at us over the past few months.


As the Peapod delivery guy left our house one afternoon,

Jacob looked at me and said “Hey!  That guy didnt power wash our


Overheard at dinner one night and spoken in the most serious voice our little guy could muster; “But I’m not hungry for dinner.  I’m hungry for a brownie.  That’s the problem!”



One night Keith and Jacob were chatting.  We had just returned from a weekend away where Jacob had slept in a pack-n-play, something he hadn’t done in almost six months.

K: How was sleeping in the pack-n-play, buddy?

J: It was too small.

K: Yeah, you are getting too big for a pack-n-play. Next time we go away you probably need to sleep in a big boy bed.

J: (speaking in a tone that suggests Keith is nuts for suggesting something like that) I can’t do that, Daddy!

K: Why not?

J: Because…if I sleep in a big boy bed with no sides, I’ll just get out!



While sitting on the potty before bed, Jacob made an observation:

J:Daddy! Your toes look like one of the wild things in Where the Wild Things Are!


Another conversation between Keith and Jacob:

K:  Hey buddy, are you excited to go to the ballpark tomorrow?

J: (Enthusiastically)  Yeah! Are we going to play baseball?

K: No, there are going to be some guys that play.

J: Are they big guys?

K:  Yeah, buddy, they’re big guys.

J:  And they have big bats?

K:  Yeah, they have big bats.

J:  And they have big balls?

K:  …

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Gentlemen, start your engines.

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