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Jacob has a new favorite hymn.  He is usually hesitant to have me video his performances so I did what any good mom would do: I recorded him in his crib!

In case you are not familiar with the hymn and cannot understand him, the lyrics are:

Glory and praise to our God,

Who alone gives light to our days.

Many are the blessings He bears,

To those who trust in His ways.

Oh, and I got smart toward the end and actually turned on the monitor volume so if you have your computer turned up, you may want to turn it down when you see me doing that.

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Ninety Six

Last Monday the kids and I decided to take Lolly to lunch. Unlike any normal person that might have called their grandmother and simply invited her out for a meal, I decided it might be fun to surprise her. I hatched a plan and enlisted Uncle Russ’s help to pull off my scheme.  After all, it’s not every day that one celebrates their 96th birthday!
Picture with the birthday girl!

Picture with the birthday girl!

I had Uncle Russ make plans to pick her up at noon so she would be ready, and the kids and I drove into town around 11:30. We made a quick stop at Jacob’s insistence that no birthday is complete without some balloons, and headed over to her apartment. My plan was to have Jacob ring her doorbell and present her with her balloons and a “Happy Birthday” when she opened her door. Of course you know what they say about plans…
As we waited for the elevator to unload so we could get on, who walks out but my sweet grandmother! She looked at Jacob and Lilian, who were each carrying balloons, commented on how cute they were and without so much as a glance in my direction, she started walking again. I called out her name to get her to turn around at which point she finally looked at me and said “I thought those children looked familiar!”
Goose Xing - I don't know who was more entertained: Lolly or the kids!

Goose Xing – I don’t know who was more entertained: Lolly or the kids!

Despite the surprise not going quite as I had anticipated, Lolly was quite excited (and surprised!) to see us. We enjoyed lunch (we were joined by Uncle Russ and Zach), and spent a few more hours with her before heading back to Connecticut.
and one with Uncle Russ and Cousin Zach

and one with Uncle Russ and Cousin Zach

Happy ninety-sixth birthday, Lolly!  We love you and are so happy we were able to celebrate with you!

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In June we had the pleasure of hosting Tricia and the Horne kids for a week.  We had a wonderful time while they visited, despite the heatwave the Northeast experienced throughout their entire trip.  Jacob and Lilian loved having their older cousins to play with and missed them terribly once they left.


One of our first big adventures after they arrived was a trip to Flamig Farm.


We took Tricia and Abigail in May last year when they visited, but the boys wanted to meet the animals as well.


Despite the Texas-like temperatures, we all had a great time.







In addition to hanging around in the air conditioning and visiting the farm, we also took a day trip to Boston.



We took a walking tour of the Freedom Trail, visited the harbor and ate lots of good food in between!





We were so sad to say goodbye when they had to return to Texas.  What a wonderful visit we had, and I hope we can do it again soon, next time with Jay as well!


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We went to Kidcity with Melissa, Josh and Emma last week and the next morning Jacob was singing about how much fun he had.

In case you have trouble understanding, he is singing “We had fun at the museum yesterday. Alleluia, Alleluia.

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This kid cracks me up…

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