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More Jacobisms

I have been collecting these for months now, and finally remembered to throw them all in a post!


Apparently Jacob is under the impression that when we need something, we just send a note to the UPS guy and he magically appears with it!

J: Mommy, you should send an email to the PPS man and tell him we need a new cup so he will bring it to us.


J: I have some dresses for bear

M: you have some dresses for her?

J: yes, but bear is a boy, that’s why I have boy dresses for him, and bammers (pajamas) too.

M: oh, okay buddy. Would you want me to get out a pair of pajamas from when you were a baby so bear has a pair to wear?

J: yes, and can you put an extra pair in my crib so I can change him when he tinkles through his diaper at night?



While eating watermelon:

J: Lilian likes hers on the wine. (Picking up his piece and pointing to the rind) Is this the wine?


While driving, Jacob saw a man doing some yard work.

J: Why is that guy using the leaf blower today?!?! It’s not Saturday!!!!!



Me: What do you see in the rearview mirror Jacob?

J:I see a guy picking his nose


J:  Why are we going home?

Me: Where should we go instead?

J: To a place where I would love to go


J: Mommy, after naps I’m going to the airport.

M: Where you going to fly to?

J: I’m going to go to Texas and I’m going to stay there for a long time. But I’m not going to stay at Nana’s house I’m going to a different house. It’s just like Nana’s house but Nana doesn’t live there but it’s the same color.



J: My doggie is very tired. He keeps asking if we are going upstairs. I have to put him to bed because I am his mommy


While discussing different people’s ages:

J: How old are you?

Me: 36

J: How old is Daddy?

Me: 33

J: He’s just like me!



After a quick stop at the ATM on our way to CSA pickup…

J: did you get cash?

M: yes.

J: where is it?

M: in my wallet

J: in your wallet?! I thought cash was a vegetable!


After preschool orientation I asked Jacob what he thought his favorite part of school would be. His response? The lollipops.



Jacob speaking into his boom: Good morning everyone. Today is a special Sunday…the man with the yellow hat. So lets sing alleluia.


J: I’m not a big guy, I’m a little guy.  I don’t want to be a sister!



After cleaning up the playroom with Jacob I noticed that the shopping cart was full of the animals from Noah’s Ark. When I asked him why they were there, he responded “I could hear them asking me from the boat to put them in and take them for a ride. So I did!”


J: My brown bear is named Annie too (after his imaginary friend that lives in the family room).  My yellow bear is my baby.  I have two babies – Bear and Lilian.


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Psalm 100

I was going to wait and share this on Thanksgiving, but when I realized that it was still two weeks away I changed my mind.  Jacob has known Psalm 23 since before he could talk (we used to read it to him before his nap every day) and for whatever reason it took me until just recently to realize that the kid absorbs EVERYTHING and this would be a great time to help him start memorizing some bible verses.  So we started working on it at the beginning of the month. He has had it down for several days now, but today was the first day he was confident enough to let me video him saying it.

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Our New Hats


…arrived just in time, boy is it cold outside! Thanks Conor and Ann Monroe!

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What a Big Boy

In December of 2011 (three months before Lilian was born) we bought Jacob a twin bed for his big boy room.   Keith and I planned to transition him when he was ready and before Lilian was done with the bassinet.  Our only expectation was that he stay in the bed once we put him down for his nap/at night.  You know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

After a couple of months of sleeping in the room with his new bed, Jacob told us he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed, we told him he needed to stay IN THE BED, and he would agree.  We would go through our bedtime routine and leave and he would immediately get out of bed.  So we waited a month or two and tried again.  Apparently Jacob is his mother’s son and has to do things in his own time…


By June of 2012 we realized that it might be best if we purchased a second crib, as Lilian was three months old and quickly outgrowing the bassinet. So we put the big boy bed transition on hold.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 and Jacob started mentioning that “when he was bigger he would sleep in his big boy bed”.  We would talk about him moving to his bed when he was ready, that he just needed to tell us when he thought he might be and we could try again.  Again, our only expectation was that he stay in his bed once we put him down.

In September he started asking which of his friends slept in beds and was rather crushed to learn that he was one of the last of his buddies to make the switch.  It’s heart breaking to hear your three-year-old say “Am I the ONLY one who still sleeps in a crib?”, shortly followed by “I really want to sleep in my crib but I’m going to try to sleep in my big boy bed”.  I had no idea we would be dealing with self-inflicted peer pressure at such a tender age!

The week he started preschool, Jacob decided to start napping in his big boy bed but slept in his crib at night.  The first couple of days he didn’t actually sleep, he just hung out in his bed for a couple of hours and played with his animals and read books.  Eventually he even started sleeping during his naps!  On October 1st,  he decided that he wanted to surprise Daddy (Keith was out of town) when he got him up in the morning by sleeping in his big boy bed.  And he did.  It’s been a month and a half and he is doing a great job, sleeping and staying in his bed until we come get him.


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Psalm 100, Verse 4

Jacob has been working on memorizing some scripture and since it’s November, we started with Psalm 100.  We are learning the whole thing, but started with verse 4.  He is apparently so confidant, that he started setting it to music!

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Reading with Jacob

Jacob loves to sit and “read” his books and it’s so sweet to watch.  Here is an excerpt from his “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site” book, one of his favorites.

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