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Christmas Cuties

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O Christmas Tree

As per our yearly tradition, we set out to find and chop down our tree last Saturday.  We went to the same farm we have visited the past couple of years, and had fun despite the freezing temperatures!

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Saint Nicholas Day

“Shoes!” That’s the first word Lilian says when we get her up in the morning, although I think yesterday it was because she wanted to see what was going on with the pair she left outside her door the night before, since it was not immediately followed by “bow!” As it usually is!

Jacob just jumped out of bed and ran into the hall to look!


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Home Bound

With us being stuck at home for the past week, Jacob and Lilian have had endless opportunities to play together.




Now, if I could just find the laundry they dumped out of that basket…

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Lilian is starting to be more vocal and is now singing with her big brother. Here is a small part of today’s jam session. Please excuse the coughing and congestion, we spent the holiday weekend housebound due to a yucky virus.

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In an effort to begin teaching Jacob about gratitude (and to help me to be more appreciative of all that we have), we started a “Thankvember” exercise at home.  It was such a great exercise for both of us and I think we will make it a yearly tradition! The things he is thankful for are sweet, funny and a good reminder to me that we take a lot in our lives for granted.  When asked this question at school Jacob answered “all of my toys and my daddy’s snowblower!” – no surprise there!

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In the words of Jacob, here are the things he was thankful for each day in November 2013

November 1: Windows, so I can see the mailman and the garbage truck.

November 2: Apples, because they smell good and I can eat them.

November 3: Closets. Just because I really like closets.

November 4: My piano, because it’s black and I like black pianos.

November 5: My chair, because I love it and it’s nice and blue.

November 6: School because I play there.

November 7: My cars and trucks, especially the dump truck

November 8: Our food that God gave us.

November 9: The door, so we can go outside.

November 10: The trashcan so we can throw things away when they are empty or broken

November 11: All my friends (stuffed animals) that I sleep with because I love them.

November 12: My new baby cousin Emily

November 13: My green smoothie, because I finished it.

November 14: My belly button, because it tickles

November 15: My trains

November 16: Oatmeal

November 17: The Piano Church because we go to it and sing songs

November 18: My sister, because I love her

November 19: My Smoothie (Can you tell we typically discussed this over breakfast?)

November 20: My Lawn Mower

November 21: My new placemat

November 22: My tools

November 23: The orchestra because I went to it and it was really nice music

November 24: My picker truck, because it’s really cool

November 25: My home.  It’s warm and bugs can’t come in here

November 26: Mommy. I love you – that’s why!

November 27: My turkeys because they look nice on the door

Novemeber 28: My guitar

November 29: Feeling a little better

November 30: My daddy’s leafblower

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