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We flew to Dallas on December 23rd.  We had originally planned to stay in Dallas overnight but sadly, our hosts had come down with the flu so we grabbed dinner and continued on to Austin.  We wound up staying in Austin the entire trip and only returning to Dallas to catch our flight out on the 28th due to a little stomach virus that Keith and Jacob caught.  Nothing says Christmas like a stomach virus!

Despite our change in plans we had a wonderful visit and enjoyed spending time with the rest of the family, though we missed the Hornes.

On Christmas day we headed over to Great Grandma Brunone’s (GGB) place and caroled for her and all of her neighbors.  This may have been my favorite part of the trip, seeing the joy on all of the residents faces, not to mention all of their caretakers that were spending Christmas working instead of with their families.

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Luke 2

This was a bit long so we made it into a two-parter.  It was really helpful for him when we opened our advent calendar every night (and any time we discussed about the Christmas story) to go back and reference the part of the reading where each character came in.  He also loved hearing “his verses” recited by Linus in Charlie Brown’s Christmas and when they were read at Mass.

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Our Little Guitarist

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Only a week and a half late…that’s not so bad!

We celebrated our family Christmas in Connecticut on the Sunday before we left for Texas and I didn’t get too many pictures because we were having so much fun!

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Christmas Cuties

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Home Bound

With us being stuck at home for the past week, Jacob and Lilian have had endless opportunities to play together.




Now, if I could just find the laundry they dumped out of that basket…

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Lilian is starting to be more vocal and is now singing with her big brother. Here is a small part of today’s jam session. Please excuse the coughing and congestion, we spent the holiday weekend housebound due to a yucky virus.

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In an effort to begin teaching Jacob about gratitude (and to help me to be more appreciative of all that we have), we started a “Thankvember” exercise at home.  It was such a great exercise for both of us and I think we will make it a yearly tradition! The things he is thankful for are sweet, funny and a good reminder to me that we take a lot in our lives for granted.  When asked this question at school Jacob answered “all of my toys and my daddy’s snowblower!” – no surprise there!

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In the words of Jacob, here are the things he was thankful for each day in November 2013

November 1: Windows, so I can see the mailman and the garbage truck.

November 2: Apples, because they smell good and I can eat them.

November 3: Closets. Just because I really like closets.

November 4: My piano, because it’s black and I like black pianos.

November 5: My chair, because I love it and it’s nice and blue.

November 6: School because I play there.

November 7: My cars and trucks, especially the dump truck

November 8: Our food that God gave us.

November 9: The door, so we can go outside.

November 10: The trashcan so we can throw things away when they are empty or broken

November 11: All my friends (stuffed animals) that I sleep with because I love them.

November 12: My new baby cousin Emily

November 13: My green smoothie, because I finished it.

November 14: My belly button, because it tickles

November 15: My trains

November 16: Oatmeal

November 17: The Piano Church because we go to it and sing songs

November 18: My sister, because I love her

November 19: My Smoothie (Can you tell we typically discussed this over breakfast?)

November 20: My Lawn Mower

November 21: My new placemat

November 22: My tools

November 23: The orchestra because I went to it and it was really nice music

November 24: My picker truck, because it’s really cool

November 25: My home.  It’s warm and bugs can’t come in here

November 26: Mommy. I love you – that’s why!

November 27: My turkeys because they look nice on the door

Novemeber 28: My guitar

November 29: Feeling a little better

November 30: My daddy’s leafblower

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More Jacobisms

I have been collecting these for months now, and finally remembered to throw them all in a post!


Apparently Jacob is under the impression that when we need something, we just send a note to the UPS guy and he magically appears with it!

J: Mommy, you should send an email to the PPS man and tell him we need a new cup so he will bring it to us.


J: I have some dresses for bear

M: you have some dresses for her?

J: yes, but bear is a boy, that’s why I have boy dresses for him, and bammers (pajamas) too.

M: oh, okay buddy. Would you want me to get out a pair of pajamas from when you were a baby so bear has a pair to wear?

J: yes, and can you put an extra pair in my crib so I can change him when he tinkles through his diaper at night?



While eating watermelon:

J: Lilian likes hers on the wine. (Picking up his piece and pointing to the rind) Is this the wine?


While driving, Jacob saw a man doing some yard work.

J: Why is that guy using the leaf blower today?!?! It’s not Saturday!!!!!



Me: What do you see in the rearview mirror Jacob?

J:I see a guy picking his nose


J:  Why are we going home?

Me: Where should we go instead?

J: To a place where I would love to go


J: Mommy, after naps I’m going to the airport.

M: Where you going to fly to?

J: I’m going to go to Texas and I’m going to stay there for a long time. But I’m not going to stay at Nana’s house I’m going to a different house. It’s just like Nana’s house but Nana doesn’t live there but it’s the same color.



J: My doggie is very tired. He keeps asking if we are going upstairs. I have to put him to bed because I am his mommy


While discussing different people’s ages:

J: How old are you?

Me: 36

J: How old is Daddy?

Me: 33

J: He’s just like me!



After a quick stop at the ATM on our way to CSA pickup…

J: did you get cash?

M: yes.

J: where is it?

M: in my wallet

J: in your wallet?! I thought cash was a vegetable!


After preschool orientation I asked Jacob what he thought his favorite part of school would be. His response? The lollipops.



Jacob speaking into his boom: Good morning everyone. Today is a special Sunday…the man with the yellow hat. So lets sing alleluia.


J: I’m not a big guy, I’m a little guy.  I don’t want to be a sister!



After cleaning up the playroom with Jacob I noticed that the shopping cart was full of the animals from Noah’s Ark. When I asked him why they were there, he responded “I could hear them asking me from the boat to put them in and take them for a ride. So I did!”


J: My brown bear is named Annie too (after his imaginary friend that lives in the family room).  My yellow bear is my baby.  I have two babies – Bear and Lilian.


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Psalm 100

I was going to wait and share this on Thanksgiving, but when I realized that it was still two weeks away I changed my mind.  Jacob has known Psalm 23 since before he could talk (we used to read it to him before his nap every day) and for whatever reason it took me until just recently to realize that the kid absorbs EVERYTHING and this would be a great time to help him start memorizing some bible verses.  So we started working on it at the beginning of the month. He has had it down for several days now, but today was the first day he was confident enough to let me video him saying it.

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