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Our New Hats


…arrived just in time, boy is it cold outside! Thanks Conor and Ann Monroe!

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What a Big Boy

In December of 2011 (three months before Lilian was born) we bought Jacob a twin bed for his big boy room.   Keith and I planned to transition him when he was ready and before Lilian was done with the bassinet.  Our only expectation was that he stay in the bed once we put him down for his nap/at night.  You know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

After a couple of months of sleeping in the room with his new bed, Jacob told us he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed, we told him he needed to stay IN THE BED, and he would agree.  We would go through our bedtime routine and leave and he would immediately get out of bed.  So we waited a month or two and tried again.  Apparently Jacob is his mother’s son and has to do things in his own time…


By June of 2012 we realized that it might be best if we purchased a second crib, as Lilian was three months old and quickly outgrowing the bassinet. So we put the big boy bed transition on hold.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 and Jacob started mentioning that “when he was bigger he would sleep in his big boy bed”.  We would talk about him moving to his bed when he was ready, that he just needed to tell us when he thought he might be and we could try again.  Again, our only expectation was that he stay in his bed once we put him down.

In September he started asking which of his friends slept in beds and was rather crushed to learn that he was one of the last of his buddies to make the switch.  It’s heart breaking to hear your three-year-old say “Am I the ONLY one who still sleeps in a crib?”, shortly followed by “I really want to sleep in my crib but I’m going to try to sleep in my big boy bed”.  I had no idea we would be dealing with self-inflicted peer pressure at such a tender age!

The week he started preschool, Jacob decided to start napping in his big boy bed but slept in his crib at night.  The first couple of days he didn’t actually sleep, he just hung out in his bed for a couple of hours and played with his animals and read books.  Eventually he even started sleeping during his naps!  On October 1st,  he decided that he wanted to surprise Daddy (Keith was out of town) when he got him up in the morning by sleeping in his big boy bed.  And he did.  It’s been a month and a half and he is doing a great job, sleeping and staying in his bed until we come get him.


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Psalm 100, Verse 4

Jacob has been working on memorizing some scripture and since it’s November, we started with Psalm 100.  We are learning the whole thing, but started with verse 4.  He is apparently so confidant, that he started setting it to music!

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Reading with Jacob

Jacob loves to sit and “read” his books and it’s so sweet to watch.  Here is an excerpt from his “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site” book, one of his favorites.

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Stealing the Show

Jacob and his class practicing their fall music. I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

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Jacob’s first day at Pine Grove Nursery School was Tuesday, September 17th.  In an effort to ease him (and his Mom) into going to school, we signed him up to attend in the mornings two days a week.  Leading up to his first day, he was excited about going to school (and getting a mid morning snack!), but not so excited about the idea that Lilian and I were not going to be staying with him.  As it turns out, there were a decent amount of tears from both Jacob and his mom that first day. But despite the tears, and despite his first words being “Mommy, what took you so long to come get me?!?!” when I picked him up, he really seemed to enjoy his first day.  The next several drop-offs weren’t much better (even though he was really excited to go to music class), but this past Thursday (only his fourth day at school), we had a breakthrough!  Although he still wasn’t happy about me leaving, there were no tears when I dropped him off.  Hopefully this will continue tomorrow.  He seems to love his teacher and loves to tell his Dad all about his day over dinner.  Other than a little separation anxiety, he looks forward to going to school and seems to enjoy all that he’s learning with his new friends.

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…from our apple picking superheroes!

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And in case you are wondering what we did with all of those apples, we made 9 quarts of applesauce for our freezer, with 12 apples to spare!

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…population 2.  🙂

But seriously, this is what our house sounds like these days. In case we have not made it clear, Jacob LOVES music. He just recently started adding a verse when he sings his Alleluia, making up random new words each time he sings it. I think that here he sang:

Lord, please help me protect my sister,

and send my alleluia to my sister,

(indecipherable) ALLELUIA!

Lilian wants to do anything her big brother does, so she watches very carefully and does her best to replicate his every move.

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I love this kid.

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