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A few pictures of our family today. As a special treat, Jacob enlightens us on the true meaning of Easter.

Clearly, I didn’t explain it correctly ūüôā

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter!

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On Wednesday while we were in Florida we all packed up and headed to the beach. ¬†Naples was experiencing Red Tide conditions so we weren’t able to swim but we couldn’t visit Florida without at least setting eyes on the sand and ocean!


Jacob and Auntie Kendra built sandcastles (more accurately, Auntie Kendra built them and Jacob knocked them over!).


Grandma and Grandad showed Jacob how to collect and clean seashells so he could bring them home as souvenirs.


Even Lilian got in on the action!


And they held still long enough to pose for a picture!


Speaking of Lilian, I think she very much enjoyed her first views of the ocean!






It’s hard to believe that we were at the beach two weeks ago as I look out on our backyard which is still covered in snow and we await another storm today…I wish we could go back!

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I bet you thought the Christmas posts were over, right?  Wrong.  [I think] This will be the last one.

We had a wonderful time in Richmond Рespecially seeing all of the cousins together Рbut on the 27th we packed up the car and drove back to Connecticut.  We arrived in town just in time to unload the car to make room to pick up Bailey.  When we woke up on Friday morning, we had our immediate family Christmas celebration.

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Keith and I didn’t really talk up the presents aspect of Christmas leading up to the big day, so Jacob was most looking forward to having birthday cake and blowing out the candles with Conor. ¬†You may be able to see his excitement in this picture…


After we finished dinner, we got down to business.  The boys enjoyed blowing out the candles so much that we re-lit them and let them do it again!


While Jacob was busy with the cake, Lilian was having fun playing with Grammy.

IMG_5246Right about now, Jacob was thinking that this day couldn’t get much better…


…until Aunt Santa (most of you may know her as Kendra) came upstairs with more presents.


Yes, that is pure delight upon discovering a bag full of matchbox cars.

IMG_5265Lilian had to get in on the action!

IMG_5329We capped off the evening with a second attempt at a picture of the four oldest cousins. ¬† ¬†I am wondering if this will be easier or harder next year…?


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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With 5 kids under age three in the house, Christmas morning was lots of fun! ¬†We opened presents in shifts throughout the day and when cuties in the candy cane striped pajamas weren’t opening gifts, there were lots of new toys to keep them busy.

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A-Hunting We Will Go

Our Horse Drawn WagonOur Horse Drawn Wagon

Christmas tree hunting, that is. ¬†On Saturday, December 1st¬†we bundled ourselves up and braved the freezing weather – 29 degrees and snowing – to find and chop down our Christmas tree. ¬†We drove out to Markowski’s Tree Farm in Suffield. ¬†We loved this particular farm last year because you don’t just get a tree, you get an entire holiday experience. ¬†Members of the Markowski family drive you out to the the 300+ acres of tree fields in a horse-drawn wagon. ¬†The horses are decked out with jingle bells and everyone sings Christmas carols on the wagon. ¬†Unless you were on our wagon, in which case Keith and Sandra sing alone while the rest of the tree-seekers sit and awkwardly stare.

Ready to hunt!

Ready to Hunt!

Once they drop you off the real fun begins. ¬†Truthfully, our hunt was pretty quick this year due to the weather, but we found a great tree and didn’t even have to cut half of it off to fit it in the house like last year!

Our Tree!

Our Tree!

Once we found “the one”, and took the obligatory photos, Keith got to work chopping it down. ¬†Last year Keith was given a broken saw (or so he says…) so the cutting portion took forever. ¬†I took about 15 pictures of him under the tree. ¬†This year, thanks to a proper tool he had the tree on the ground in no time and I didn’t get one picture of him hanging out from underneath it.

Keith 1; Tree 0

Keith 1, Tree 0

After cutting down your tree, you drag it to the nearest tractor to be transported back to the farm and ride back on the next wagon.  Thankfully, our wagon mates on the return trip were feeling the Christmas spirit a bit more than the people we rode out with so we were not the only ones singing.

The Camera Crew

The Camera Crew

In case you were wondering, Lilian and I were there too.  We were just manning the camera (and trying to stay warm) while Keith and Jacob did the heavy lifting.

Warming up!

Warming up!

Once we arrived back at the farm, Lilian and I headed back to the car to escape the wind while the boys finished up with the tree.

Hanging My First Ornament!

Hanging His First Ornament!

Despite the freezing temperatures and winds our excursion was a success. ¬†Hopefully it will be a tad less arctic next year…I’ve already submitted my request for warmer weather the first weekend in December 2013.

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We spent most of Saturday with the Hornes, but Jacob, Lilian and I did meet up with some friends for a quick playdate later in the afternoon.


We had so much fun, despite what the pictures look like! ¬†Since the last time we visited (Christmas 2011), we added two new babies to the group – Luke’s little sister Lily slept the entire time we were there so she didn’t make it into the picture – but we all picked up as if no time had passed.¬†


Everything about this picture cracks me up. ¬†Luke looks bored, Jacob appears to have reached his limit, Lauren is wondering what in the world is wrong with the kid on the end, and Lilian, is, well…being Lilian.


When we arrived back at Tricia and Jay’s, Grammy Ruth and Papa John were there. We were so happy to see them and for them to finally meet Lilian. ¬†Jacob entertained them during dinner and Lilian checked to make sure Papa John’s beard was real! This picture makes my heart smile.


A freshly bathed Lilian with her sweet cousin Jonathan.


So happy to be snuggling up with Grammy Ruth!


Not to be left out, Jacob gets in on the hugging action!


How sweet is this?!?!?!  Josiah snuck in some practice for when his little sister comes home.

I have no idea how I managed to not get a picture with Abigail, but she and her parents were there too. We had such a wonderful evening with all of the Hornes!

Sunday morning we were up early for church before heading to the airport to catch our flight back home. We all had so much fun on this trip, although it felt far too short. ¬†Jacob loved having so many big kids to play with and it was fun to see him interacting with them. ¬†I so enjoyed watching Lilian meet the rest of her family in Texas. ¬†I hope it isn’t another year before we get to see everyone again!

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