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Trip to the Park

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I’m on a Boat!

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Another highlight of Jacob’s trip was riding on (and driving!) Granddad’s boat.  He looks serious in the pictures because he is taking it all in, but he had a blast and keeps asking to “see Granddad’s boat”.

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On Saturday we took a trip out to the lake.  I didn’t take the camera down to the dock but we did snap a few pictures while we were inside.

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This year was a little quieter than last year. Since moving to Connecticut we definitely miss having so much family close, especially when it comes to celebrating holidays. Despite the lack of extended family with which to celebrate, we still managed to have a great day with just our little family of four.

We kicked off the morning by making pancakes.

We decided to step outside of the box and make our pancake batter a bit more patriotic.

Jacob was pretty excited when we topped his red and blue pancakes with whipped cream and red, white and blue sprinkles!

After breakfast we got dressed and decided to take a few pictures before venturing out of the house.

We walked around Collinsville for a bit before grabbing lunch.

We then headed to Tulmeadow Farm for some special 4th of July deliciousness.

Lilian slept through dessert while the rest of us enjoyed our ice cream.

Believe it or not, this is the neatest Jacob has ever left Tulmeadow. I finally got smart and remembered to bring his bib with us. 🙂

After dessert, we headed home and put Jacob down for his nap.

While he slept, Keith filled up the froggy pool so the water could warm up.  Sadly, Jacob slept so long that when he woke up it was time to start cooking dinner and swimming was postponed for another day.

We enjoyed an all-American dinner of hamburgers and grilled corn on the cob to round out our day.  Next year we may even try to take the kids to watch some fireworks!

We hope you all enjoyed a happy Independence Day!  May God continue to bless America.

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Jacob’s favorite day of the week is Saturday, when he and Keith (and Bailey) mow the lawn together.  He patiently waits in the mudroom while Keith mows near the street.  Once Keith is done with the dangerous part, he brings Jacob out and together they mow the rest of our yard.  Jacob tirelessly follows his dad around until the whole lawn is finished, and then helps with whatever “extras” need to be done that week.



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Sun Day

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Wishing all of the fathers in our lives a wonderful day!

We realize Lilian should be in this shot but she and Jacob have only been awake at the same time during church and meals so far today 🙂

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While Tricia and Abigail were here, we took the opportunity to check out a local farm we have been wanting to visit for several months.

We were greeted by a flock of guinea fowl (I think?) upon our arrival.

Abigail and Jacob enjoyed feeding goats,

and donkeys (don’t worry – that isn’t Waffles)

We saw horses, peacocks, chickens, roosters, and pigs (and possibly a few more that I forgot about!).

We even made friends with the barn cats!

And we (of course) took lots of pictures!

Jacob has not stopped talking about the farm and the animals (and the eggs we saw some of the employees collecting) so we will definitely be going back for more farm fun very soon!

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Posing for a group shot while having lunch at La Salle Market.

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