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I have no idea where the past twelve months have gone, but we officially have a one-year old!

On March 5 Lilian cut her two top teeth (yup, both on the same day) bringing her total count to 6 (four on top and two on the bottom).  These two didn’t seem to bother her the way her previous teeth have and she even slept through the night where teething has awakened her in the past.


Lilian started folding her hands when we pray and blowing kisses this month.  It is so sweet to see her blow a kiss to her big brother before nap and bed!  She also added another word to her growing vocabulary. She says uh oh as “uh uh” and she says it quite often!  Sometimes she says it in response to something someone else does, but typically she just throws an object on the floor so she can say it!  She has also started repeating words if you ask her to, and any time Bailey barks, she barks right back at her.


In addition to the words we understand, she loves to babble and make other noises and screeches that we don’t understand.  She is very vocal (especially during church!) and always has something to say.  We love listening to her practice making new sounds!

Early this month she started standing unassisted.  She would let go of whatever (or whomever) she was holding onto and just stand there for a bit.  Once she realized what she had done, she would quickly grab back onto it/them.  She has been playing around with the idea of walking for awhile now, and finally took 4 steps on her own on her birthday.  Keith was at work and Jacob was already in bed for his nap so I was the only one who witnessed this milestone, but she has done it a few more times since then.  She still prefers to walk with one of us or her walker, but she is slowly warming up to the idea.


At her one year appointment she weighed in at 22 pounds, 10 ounces holding her place in the 70th percentile for weight.  She was 30 inches long (75th%) and her head measured 46cm (75th%).  At this rate, she is going to catch up to her brother soon!!!

What an amazing twelve months it has been!  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, yet we can barely remember life as a family of three.  Our sweet baby girl has brought us all so much joy and we are so thankful to be her parents.  We love you, Lilian Clare and are having so much fun watching you grow!

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This sweet girl turned eleven months on February 20th.  How is it possible that almost a year has gone by since she joined our family?!?!?!


Just like her brother, Lilian absolutely loves music. Any time she hears someone singing or a song playing (or the blender or dishwasher running), she starts bouncing and dancing, and sometimes claps too. One of her favorite things is what Jacob calls a “dance party” where we stream youtube videos of kids songs on the TV.  Her favorite is “Shake Your Sillies Out” and she loves to do all of the motions to the song right along with her big brother!


Lilian has gained enough balance now to walk along with us one-handed.  When she doesn’t have an adult’s hand to grab, she is quite content to cruise along the furniture or push her walker, and has started climbing, too.  She has made it up several stairs and climbed onto the hearth, but her favorite perch is the bottom shelf of the leaning bookshelf (after she pulls the baskets off, of course).


We are starting to see Lilian’s personality come out in full force.  She is such a happy girl and very easy-going.  She loves her brother so much and watches everything he does, and is very attached to both Keith and me.  While she is sweet as can be, we are starting to see a little bit of feistiness come out.  When Jacob gets a little rough with her she has started swatting his hands away, and will sometimes dodge his hugs and kisses.  Thankfully, this just makes them both laugh, which makes us laugh too.


Lilian is adding to her vocabulary, saying “BupBup” for Jacob and “BuhBuh” for Bailey.  With the exception of her own, she has mastered every family member’s name now!


I can’t believe that the next update I write will be her one year!

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Ten Months!

It’s hard to believe our little girl is 10 months old!  Well, truth be told, she’s now 11 months old (yup, we’re a little late with posting this one), so let’s just imagine this was posted a month ago.IMG_5704

Lilian’s eating slowed down quite a bit this month.  She still eats well, and she still eats a fairly varied diet, but she has become more discriminating and seems to have more of an opinion about what she puts in her mouth.  Some of her previous favorites that have fallen out of favor include avocado and broccoli. She is still a big fan of blueberries and pears and if given the choice between meat or starch, she will choose meat every. single. time.


Last month Lilian sealed her status as Daddy’s girl by saying “Dada” for the first time.  This past month, she started saying “Mama” as well.  Somehow getting up several times a night with a teething baby isn’t nearly as hard when they look at you and call you by name.


Speaking of teething, Lilian now has her two top teeth!  She cut the left one on January 9th and her right top tooth popped through on January 15th, bringing her grand total to four.


Lilian started sitting up in her crib this month.  She would sit up in the middle of the night and play quietly for a while before deciding she was tired and wanted to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, she had not yet figured out how to lay herself back down and would start crying when she realized she was stuck sitting up.  Thankfully, this only lasted for a few days before she resumed her regular sleep schedule.


Lilian has also begun to perfect her skills of pulling up on things…coffee tables, couches, Jacob’s train table, bar stools, her crib; she’s really not picky, as long as she can stretch out and stand up for a bit.  And unlike her brother, she doesn’t seem to have any problem at all sitting back down from her standing position, which certainly makes things easier on Mom and Dad!


Now that you are all caught up on her tenth month, let’s hope it doesn’t take me a full month to get her eleven month post up!


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Can you believe this precious baby girl is already nine months old?!?!?!  I can’t.  She is getting so big!


Lilian’s big accomplishment this month was learning to crawl.  What was it you ask, that finally piqued her interest enough to convince her to crawl across the room?  Why, a pile of dirty laundry, of course!  Regardless of her motivation, once she got going she decided that she liked being able to move around on her own.  It only took her a few hours to crawl over to her big brother and give him a lesson in sharing his toys! Since discovering her newfound mobility, it is hard to get her to stay in one place for long which makes picture taking somewhat challenging for her mama.


She has also become more steady on her feet this month and can stand while holding our fingers or a piece of furniture. Lilian spent most of the month trying to pull herself up on anything she could get her hands on and finally succeeded for the first time the day after she started crawling.

IMG_4860While she has enjoyed babbling for months now, Lilian seems to have reached a new level when it comes to “talking”.  She has lots to say these days (especially in church!) and wants to make sure anyone near her knows her thoughts on the subject at hand.  All of her babbling resulted in saying “Dada” for the first time this month, thus wrapping her daddy a little tighter around that chubby little finger of hers.


Lilian continues to eat well and enjoys most everything we put in front of her.  At her nine month appointment on Friday she weighed in at 20lbs 2 ozs (70%), was 27.75″ tall (70%) and her head was 45cm (80%).  Her stats sound like a different baby from those at her six month appointment!  I guess all of that eating has really paid off!

Even though the time is passing far too quickly, we are loving every minute watching Lilian grow and develop!

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Lilian turned eight months the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. She marked the occasion by taking her first plane flight and visiting Texas for the first time! I realize that I say this every month but I absolutely cannot believe how big she is getting.


She has grown so much in just the last couple of months – both physically and developmentally. I put her on our scale the other day and she is weighing in at 19.5lbs. She has gained 5 pounds since her six month appointment!


As you might expect after reading about her recent weight gain, she loves to eat. Lilian tried and enjoyed scrambled eggs, almond butter and peanut butter this month. Like Jacob at this age she will eat pretty much anything you put in front of her. The only exception is kale. She has tried it at least five times and doesn’t seem to care for it, which is funny because it is currently Jacob’s favorite vegetable.


This month she managed to get on all fours but never figured out how to move herself forward. After several attempts that had her sliding further and further away from the object she was trying to reach, she seems to have abandoned the idea of crawling and has turned her sights toward walking instead. She is getting more and more steady at standing with assistance. She can balance while just holding a finger in each of her chubby little fists! Thankfully she is nowhere near where her brother was at this point so it is highly unlikely that we will have a walker in the next month. For this Lilian’s mommy is very grateful!


Our sweet girl also learned to clap this month. She seems to love music as much as her big brother and starts clapping when he sings to her.  She also claps for herself after she does something challenging, which is one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen.


In the past month Lilian has returned to her early (good) sleep habits. She typically goes down around 8 and sleeps for a good 10-12 hours. On the mornings that she wakes before 7, she eats and immediately goes back to sleep for 2-3 hours.


Although we’d like our sweet little girl to just slow down and not grow up so fast, we continue to feel so blessed and amazed to be her parents and are enjoying every moment as we watch her grow.


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This happy baby girl was 7 months on October 20th. Where oh where has the time gone?

Lilian LOVES to “talk” these days.  She makes all kinds of happy screechy noises.  If you respond, she will carry on a whole conversation with you. It’s especially sweet to see her chat with her brother or her little baby friends.

She is trying so hard to crawl.  Unfortunately, she hates being on her tummy so she tries to get there from a seated position.  Because she rolls from her tummy to her back as soon as you put her down, she hasn’t developed the strength to hold herself up and pull herself along.  She usually winds up face-planting and adding to the collection of bruises on her forehead. 😦  Even though she won’t be mastering crawling anytime soon, she is a champ at scooting around on her behind.  I leave her on the family room rug and find her galway to the kitchen a few minutes later.

Lilian continues to absolutely ADORE her older brother.  Jacob can stand near her and start to laugh and she will break out into the most adorable giggles.  She is also eating like a champ, and now eats most meals with us.  In fact, if she isn’t eating when we’re eating, she let’s us know under no uncertain terms just how displeased she is.

She cut two teeth this month.  Her bottom right tooth came in on October 11th and the left popped up on the 15th.

We feel so blessed to have this sweet girl as a part of our family and are having so much fun watching her grow!

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Six Months!

We are halfway to one, and this Mama cannot believe it!

This month Lilian worked on perfecting her sitting capabilities.  She can sit up unassisted for 10+ minutes, is great at catching herself when she starts to lean too far back, and pushes herself back up to a sitting position when both of her hands are on the ground.

She is starting to put her arms on the ground and rock forward so she may actually learn to crawl before she walks!

She is very much in tune with what is happening around her.  She loves watching her big brother play and act silly.  Of course, if Jacob has a toy, Lilian wants to play with the same one.

The same thing goes for food – if one of us is eating something, she wants to eat too.  I don’t remember Jacob being this way until he was much closer to a year, but perhaps it is because she spends her day watching her big brother? We have been letting her experiment with food at dinner on bath nights, but it won’t be long before we will need to let her have something to eat/play with every night.  So far she has tried sweet potato, asparagus, chicken, avocado, mango and pear and seems to like it all.

At her 6 month appointment she weighed in at 14.8 pounds which puts her in the 25th percentile, 27″ (90th percentile) and her head is 42.5 cm (50th percentile).

Sleep continues to come and go. We have good weeks and not quite as good weeks.  During our good weeks, we typically get a 6-8 hour stretch followed by a 3-4 hour stretch.  Naps are starting to become more consistent as well.

Time is flying by but we are enjoying every minute!  We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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5 Months!

Lilian was 5 months on August 20th.  Yes, these monthly updates are getting later and later…hoping to have one to you in another two weeks!  While the post is inexcusably late, the information and pictures are from several weeks ago.

This month Lilian hit a big milestone – she sat up by herself for the first time at 21 weeks!  She is still fairly wobbly but can now sit for several minutes at a time before toppling over.  She is very much enjoying the vantage point this new skill gives her and has become less patient with laying on her back than she used to be.  She has even begun attempting to go from a laying down to a sitting position on her own, which she will not master for a couple more months.

She also started taking a bottle this month…something that her mom is very excited about.  Lilian’s parents are very much looking forward to taking advantage of this skill and going out to dinner sans children one day soon!

Because she does not take a pacifier, our sweet girl is always looking for something to chomp or suck on.  In addition to Sophie and her slightly more convenient fingers, she has become a big fan of her toes.  I always kept socks on Jacob, but Lilian loves her toes so much that she goes barefoot much of the time.

She has also become much more precise with her hands this month – grabbing things on the first try and putting them exactly where she wants them. She has even used this trait to try a few foods (by grabbing them off of mom’s plate when mom wasn’t paying attention!).  So far she has swiped broccoli, asparagus and a piece of whole wheat pasta, and her expressions while experiencing these tasty new “toys” were quite amusing!

This month we have also begun to see a new aspect of Miss Lilian’s personality – she is very headstrong.  She has such a sweet, easy-going personality but she can be very stubborn as well.  Can’t imagine where she got that from! 😉  While I am sure this will make her parent’s lives a bit more challenging, it will be interesting to see how this develops over the months and years and how she uses this trait to for good.

We had a bit of a set-back in the sleep department this month but we are hoping Lilian gets back on track soon!


This month was a big one developmentally and it is so fun to watch our sweet baby girl perfect her new skills!

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Lilian turned four months on Friday. Where has the time gone?!?!

She is full of personality and changes every day! She continues to reward everyone she sees with her gorgeous smile, and has a very sweet and easy-going disposition.

She has mastered the art of grabbing an object and bringing it to her mouth so she should be ready to feed herself by the time she is old enough for solids!   She has also developed an affinity for Sophie the Giraffe and tends to use her as a pacifier these days, as she has little use for an actual pacifier.

In addition to being able to eat anything she can get her little paws on, she has mastered the art of rolling tummy to back and still loves to stand with assistance.  She also managed to get her toes into her mouth this month.

She does seem to be a bit more like her brother than we originally thought.  She fights naps just like he did, and is less and less content to sit in the swing and bouncy seat, preferring to sit up in the high chair where she can see what is going on around her.  She doesn’t want to miss anything!  Unlike her big brother, she continues to be a good night sleeper, and has decided that her bedtime most nights is around 8:30.

At her 4 month appointment today she weighed in at 13lbs, 4 ozs (50th%), was 26 inches long (95%) and her head is 41.5 inches in circumference (50th%). She is growing very consistently!  We are truly enjoying watching our sweet girl grow!

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…Only 9 days late 🙂

Lilian was three months old on June 20th.  She seems to grow everyday and her little personality just gets sweeter and sweeter.

We found out a few weeks ago that unlike her big brother, not only does Lilian have no use for a pacifier but she thinks bottles are for the birds as well.

Please pardon the dog in the background…Lilian was getting hungry and by the time I shooed Bailey out of the picture, she was making it clear that the photo shoot was over.

Lilian has mastered the ability to hold up her head and is moving on to more important skills.  Like standing.  She is also trying really hard to roll over these days.

She continues to exhibit a very sweet personality despite the fact that she has given up on napping during the day.  Seems like she takes after her older brother more than we originally thought.  Thankfully she is still sleeping like a champ at night, so no complaints from this mommy.

She is very alert and aware of everything going on around her and she loves to “chat” with us. It will be interesting to see if she speaks earlier than Jacob did…she is certainly more vocal at this age than he was.

Her eyes are still blue and her hair is starting to grow in, resulting in the cutest little buzz cut you ever saw.

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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