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Jacob was clearly a bit younger in this picture (about a month an a half), but I thought I should do a side-by-side just for fun in their fall jammies. I love both of their smiles!

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Time for another comparison post!

Lilian in the tub a few weeks ago (17 weeks):

Jacob in the tub at 14 weeks (I think!):

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I took this picture of Lilian sitting in her high chair last week and it reminded me of a similar picture I took of Jacob when he was around the same age.



A few things to note:

1. Man, that high chair was clean!

2. Jacob was not only strapped into his chair, but had the infant head support in place as well.  Lilian is lucky if we make sure the tray is attached properly before dropping her in there so she doesn’t fall out.

3. Jacob had a lot more hair.

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Or rather, a pair of pajamas that has giraffes on them. This pair of jammies is also one of the few articles of clothing that Jacob was able to hand down to his little sister. On a whim, I went digging for a picture of Jacob wearing this same pair. It was slim pickings, and the one picture I found is really bad, but I think most of our readers know what a cute baby he was despite this less than flattering picture. Here is Jacob at 12 weeks:


And here is Lilian wearing them this morning. She will be 11 weeks tomorrow:


One thing is certain; Jacob had more hair!

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Then and Now

I took a picture of Jacob on our walk yesterday morning:

and immediately thought of the picture I took of him the first time I took him for a walk in his jogging stroller, when he was 3 weeks old:

Hard to believe that’s the same little guy, huh?



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Jacob wanted nothing to do with hats…until recently when he saw Keith wearing one.  Ever since, anytime he sees a baseball cap he will walk up to one of us, hand it to us and say “uhhhuh” while nodding.  Sometimes he says “gng gong” instead.  Also while nodding.  For those of you who don’t speak Jacob, this means “please put my hat on me”.  After you put it on his head, he will nod and smile at you, as if to say “good job”.  He then almost immediately takes it off, hands it back to you and the process repeats. 

He did it this morning while I was getting ready to go to the gym and I had to stop and snap a picture.  Doesn’t he look like his daddy?

This is Jacob wearing the same hat when he was 5 weeks old, the day the Longs sent it to him.  I think it fits him a little better these days 🙂

Thanks Jay and Melissa!

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